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May 2, 2018
The Camp/Brain/Fun Connection
Day Camps
Bunks Are Good for Brains
Camps with a Special Focus
Why the Great American Campout Matters
Water & Sports
Reading Takes You Everywhere
Summer Festivals
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  The Camp/Brain/Fun Connection

(0 April 2018) SCSoccer_Hi5s.jpgOur article connecting what we know about brains, camp, character development, grit, learning and fun is just as applicable to day camps as overnight camps. It may be helpful to you in selecting the right camp for your child.

Camp is about experiencing something new, creating memories and making new friends. Most day camps are offered on a weekly basis and some offer a daily rate. Many offer scholarships. Children as young as 3 can enjoy half day and full day programs and teens can find day, overnight camps, counselor in training (CIT) programs.

(2 Buttons) Button_A-ZSummerCamps.jpgFor ALL CAMPS in our county go online to our A-Z SUMMER CAMP DIRECTORY to find detailed descriptions and contact information.

If you know of a camp we have missed, let us know! Click on the camp ads below to reach their websites and you will be delighted with the quality programs available. 

Enjoy a little family camping too.  Start with the backyard or our local state parks. Be sure to celebrate The Great American Campout in June in your own backyard!

We added more festivals and summer fun!

Have fun planning a great summer! Parmalee

Photo: Santa Cruz Soccer Camp

  Day Camps

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  Bunks Are Good for Brains

(0 A May 2018) BunkBedsGirls.jpgBunks Are Good for Brains: The Neuroscience of Sleepaway Camp

Tina Payne Bryson, PhD, January 2014

Tina Payne Bryson, PhD, will be delivering the opening keynote address at the 2014 ACA National Conference. Bryson is the coauthor (with Dan Siegel) of the bestselling The Whole-Brain Child, which is now in seventeen languages. She's a pediatric and adolescent psychotherapist who speaks to parents, educators, clinicians, and camp leadership all over the world. She is a school counselor and the child development director for Lantern Camps. Tina earned her PhD from the University of Southern California, where her research explored attachment science, childrearing theory, and the emerging field of interpersonal neurobiology. ACA sat down with her and asked her a few questions.

You're known as someone who teaches parents and educators about the brain. Is that what you'll talk about at the ACA conference?

It's true that I spend most of my professional time talking to people about the brain. But it's also true that I'm a mom of three boys, and I've become a huge proponent of the camp experience over the last few years as my boys have attended Camp Chippewa in Minnesota, and as I've visited with camp directors and counselors and learned more about the important and meaningful work they're doing.

Put these two roles together - the brain lady and the mom who's passionate about camp - and you get someone who can go on and on explaining to parents, mental health professionals, and anyone who will listen just why camp is so beneficial for the developing brains of kids. I'm quite excited about the tremendous consilience between what camps are doing, can be doing, and what we know about optimal brain development.

Tell us about the influence camp has on kids' developing brains.

When I visit a camp and consult with the leadership team there, I usually have two main messages. Number one: Whether you know it or not, you're significantly impacting the brains of the young people you work with every summer. In fact, it turns out that the things that build the brain and are best for kids' development are also the very things that are important for running a successful camp with high camper and counselor retention and successful recruitment. And number two: If you know just a few basic facts about the brain, you can be even better at everything I just mentioned. Knowing just a little about the science of how the brain changes in response to experiences, particularly relational experiences, can help camps be even more successful - in all kinds of ways.

Your first point is that camp builds the brain?

Right. Bunks are good for brains. All the things that camps and parents say that camp does for kids - promoting independence, confidence, friendship-building, resilience, thriving, character, grit, etc. - these are undoubtedly real outcomes for kids who have quality camp experiences. But why do these outcomes occur? How do these changes happen in short periods of time, and then over years as well? How do we explain this?

The brain. I could go on and on about cutting-edge brain science and how it relates to the camp experience. For the sake of time, I'll briefly introduce you to one part of the brain that's responsible for these skills and character qualities, and show you how it relates to the good, meaningful work that goes on at camp.

(0 A May 2018) CampBunkGS.jpgI want to introduce you to the middle prefrontal cortex. It's right behind the forehead and eye sockets and is the front-most part of the frontal lobe. It gives us the ability to do all kinds of important things: regulate our body and emotions, have insight into ourselves and others, feel empathy, communicate in an attuned way, bounce back after failure, adapt to new situations, make thoughtful choices, and overcome fear. That's pretty much what's needed for a successful life with good emotional and mental health, meaningful relationships, and the conscientiousness to make things happen in the world.

And camp can help develop that part of the brain? Continued>>>

  Camps with a Special Focus

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  Why the Great American Campout Matters

Bullfrog: Jay Rosenberg

Happy Campers Protect Wildlife

The National Wildlife Federation's Great American Campout is a summer-long celebration of camping as a way to connect with nature and wildlife.

Take the pledge to camp-in your backyard, your neighborhood, your local parks, state parks, and national parks, cabins, RVs, treehouses ... you name it!-and be a part of our nationwide event! Everyone should get outside at least once this summer and connect with nature and wildlife. The body, mind, and spirit benefits from outdoor play are well-documented and numerous and create a lasting connection to nature and wildlife that will help you have a happier, healthier family. It's a fact: nature makes you nicer.

National Wildlife Federation's Great American Campout is also part of Great Outdoors Month® in June, a month designated to highlight the many kinds of outdoor activities that strengthen our bonds with nature. The National Wildlife Federation celebrates everyone who's getting outdoors and camping on Great American Campout day on June 23rd-and we encourage you to re-live the camping experience all summer long.

  Water & Sports

(0 Ads Camp 2018) scsoccer_2018.jpg

"Play is the highest
form of research"
--Albert Einstein.

Always take a buddy!

Being active in nature
makes children

Get outside!

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  Reading Takes You Everywhere

They're home from camp and dinner is an hour away. Perfect time for READING!

(0 A May 2018) ReadingTakesYouEverywhere_green.jpgReading Takes You Everywhere
Santa Cruz Public Libraries 2018 Summer Reading Program
Sign-ups begin June 1st!

A summer reading and activities program for all ages! Sign up online or visit any branch.
• KIDS & TEENS: Little ones through age 18 may register to read (or be read to) and earn BOOK BUCKS to spend at participating businesses or to spend in a kids and teens raffle.
• ADULTS: Adults 18 and older may register to play LIBRARY BINGO and earn chances to enter a raffle by completing a series of reading and fun activities.

(0 A May 2018) Reading_BoyCat.jpgThis year our theme, Reading Takes You Everywhere, celebrates how reading enables us to explore, discover, and experience people, places, and things that we otherwise could not. From space and our universe, faraway places and cultures of the world, to our natural environment and local neighborhoods; spend your summer reading and discovering your world at your library.

Share your summer at the library by following @SantaCruzPL and using #SCPLSummerRead.

  Summer Festivals
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Be Vigilant!

Ticks thrive after the rains.

(0 May 2017) Westernblackleggedtick2.jpg

"Don't Let the Ticks Bite" Toolkit


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Santa Cruz Bluegrass Fair
click to view website
  Santa Cruz Bluegrass Fair
Northern California Bluegrass Society
Date: 05/06/2018 from 12:00pm to 6:30pm
Details: Come enjoy a day of bluegrass music --a uniquely American genre
City: Santa Cruz view all details >>
Felton Covered Bridge Festival
click to view website
  Felton Covered Bridge Festival
Felton Business Assoc
Date: 05/26/2018
Details: A day of fun! Entertainment, food, parade, music, kids activities craft vendors
City: Felton view all details >>
Let's Go to Camp!
click to view website
  Let's Go to Camp!
view all details >>
Redwood Mountain Faire
click to view website
  Redwood Mountain Faire
Valley Women's Club
Date: Every day (Jun 1-Jun 2) at 11:00am
Ages: All
Details: Dance the day away to live music with your friends and family while enjoying tasty locally made food, cold beer, cider, and wine
Special Instructions: Parking: $5
City: Felton Phone: 831/ 335-4484 view all details >>
Artichoke Festival
click to view website
  Artichoke Festival
Castroville Artichoke Festival
Date: Every day (Jun 1-Jun 2)
Details: Artichokes fried, sauteed, grilled, marinated, pickled, fresh, and creamed in soup and much more!
City: Monterey Phone: 831-633-3465 view all details >>
Japanese Cultural Fair
click to view website
  Japanese Cultural Fair
Japanese Cultural Fair
Date: 06/08/2019 from 11:00am to 6:00pm
Ages: All ages
Details: Explore traditional and contemporary Japanese culture, crafts and food!
Special Instructions: Japanese Theme
City: Santa Cruz Phone: (831) 462-4589 view all details >>
Woodies on the Wharf
click to view website
  Woodies on the Wharf
City of Santa Cruz
Date: Every day (Jun 21-Jun 23) from 10:00am to 4:00pm
Details: More than 200 stylish, pre-1952 wood-bodied cars. Plus music, woodie goodies, prize drawings and a parade!
Special Instructions: Saturday on the Wharf!
City: Santa Cruz Phone: 831-420-5273 view all details >>
The Gilroy Garlic Festival
click to view website
  The Gilroy Garlic Festival
Gilroy Garlic Festival
Date: Every day (Jul 26-Jul 28)
Ages: All
Details: "Ultimate Summer Food Fair"; three days of incredible food, beverages, arts & crafts, live entertainment and
Special Instructions: Santa Teresa Blvd & Club Dr
City: Gilroy Phone: 408-846-6886 view all details >>
California Rodeo Salinas
click to view website
  California Rodeo Salinas
California Rodeo
Date: Every day (Jul 18-Jul 21)
Ages: All
Details: 2018 California Rodeo... Cowgirl and Cowboy Up!
City: Salinas Phone: (831)775-3100 view all details >>
Scotts Valley Art, Wine & Beer Festival
click to view website
  Scotts Valley Art, Wine & Beer Festival
Chamber of Commerce Scotts Valley
Date: Every day (Aug 17-Aug 18) from 10:00am to 6:00pm
Details: Come enjoy fine art, wine & beer tasting, great food, and live entertainment in an open park setting
City: Scotts Valley view all details >>
Scottish Games & Celtic Festival
click to view website
  Scottish Games & Celtic Festival
Scottish Society of the Monterey Peninsula
Date: Every day (Aug 3-Aug 4) from 9:00am to 6:00pm
Details: Pipe bands, Drum Major and Solo and Pipe Band competitions, Highland Dancing, Irish Step Dancing, Sheepdog Herding and...
City: Monterey Phone: (831) 682-2022 view all details >>
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