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Summer Camps and Classes
April 16, 2010
Summer Camps!
This Week
Arts & Performing Arts
Five Reasons Your Child Needs Camp
Day Camps
What the World Could Learn from Summer Camp
Specialty Camps
Sports Camps
Overnight Camping
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  Summer Camps!

(Icons/Graphics) CampScene140.jpgWhen we look at all the wonderful camps and summer classes we think fondly of the summers of our youth and just a little wistfully wish we were kids once more. It's  time to start filling out those registration forms and signing up for swim lessons. We have also included tutoring programs so that kids can get extra support over the summer. 

Camp is about experiencing something new, creating memories and making new friends. Most camps are offered on a weekly basis and some offer a daily rate. Many offer scholarships for families in need. Children as young as 3 can enjoy half day and full day programs and teens can find day, overnight camps, counselor in training (CIT) programs. Please share your children's favorite camps on our Family Favorites page.

There are 100+ camp selections in Santa Cruz County and you can find them on SantaCruzParent.  Click on the camp ads below to reach their websites and you will be delighted with the quality programs available.  

Click to download our PRINTABLE SUMMER CAMP GUIDE which includes a simple categorized list of camps with name and  phone numbers.  Plan your summer using our CAMP CALENDAR. Keep checking back as camps keep listing their offerings.  Go online to our A-Z SUMMER CAMP DIRECTORY for a list of local camps, website links, descriptions and contact information.  Use our PARENT PLANNER to make your camp list. Check the box next to each camp and then click parent planner and you can email the list to yourself and others or you can print it. (There is a check box next to every resource listing and every calendar event.)

Have fun planning a great Summer! Parmalee

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  This Week

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Arts & Performing Arts
All About Theatre
Ben Jammin Santa Cruz Academy of Performing Arts
Kids on Broadway
Motion Pacific Dance
Museum of Art & History
Musical Me
Santa Cruz Mountain Arts
The Art Factory
WEST Performing Arts

Day Camps
Aptos Academy Summer Adventure
Camp Hammer
Camp Wonderworks
Gateway Summer Camp
Glen Arbor School
Mission Springs
Montessori Scotts Valley
Mount Madonna
Santa Cruz Montessori
Santa Cruz Waldorf
Tara Redwood School

Science Camps
Life Lab Science
Outdoor Science Fun
Seymour Center
Camp SEA Lab


Specialty Camps
Aux Tois Pommes
Camp Krem
Chartwell School
Crystal Bay Farm Camp
Culinary Center of Santa Cruz
Educational Resource Center
Pediatric Therapy

Black Rail Equestrian Center
Basketball Jones
Catalyst Soccer
June Bug's Gym
Mantis Martial Arts
Pacific Edge Climbing Gym
Pleasant Valley Horse Club
Rod Sanford's Traditional Martial Arts

Santa Cruz Soccer Camp

Camp Flip at Santa Cruz Sports Central
Soquel Sports Camp

Adventure Sports Unlimited
Cabrillo Swim School
Cougar Swim School
Jim Booth Swim School
Seahorse Swim School

Advanced Interactive Tutoring with Lucy Ruggles
Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services   
Don Mordasini M.A., M.F.T


Preschool Camps

Capitol Sonshine
Coastal Community
Early Childhood Learning Center
El JardinBilingual Parent Co-op
Scotts Valley Children's Center
The Village Preschool

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Camp Bow Wow

Camp Guide 2010
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  Camp Guide 2010
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Camp Guide 2010
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  Camp Guide 2010
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Camp Guide 2010
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  Camp Guide 2010
view all details >>
Camp Guide 2010
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  Camp Guide 2010
view all details >>
Camp Guide 2010
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  Camp Guide 2010
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Camp Guide 2010
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  Camp Guide 2010
view all details >>
Camp Guide 2010
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  Camp Guide 2010
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  Arts & Performing Arts

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Ages 5-8


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Ages 8-13

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  Five Reasons Your Child Needs Camp

(Icons/Graphics) CampfirePhoto.jpgThere's no doubt that summer camp is fun. Kids get to sing silly songs, play funny games, swim in lakes, and tell spooky stories around a campfire. This is the image of camp that has been captured and memorialized in films, books, and television programs for the past fifty years. But there's much more to camp than just a good time. In addition to fun, parents should be aware of these five reasons their child needs camp.

1. Camp forever changes your child... for the better
- Research has confirmed that camps build skills necessary to prepare campers to assume roles as successful adults. Campers said that camp helped them make new friends (96%), get to know kids who are different from them (93%), feel good about themselves (92%), and try things they were afraid to do at first (74%).

(Site Photos) CampHammer_JuniorHigh.jpg2. Camp teaches your child to "move it, move it" - Camp provides children the opportunity to try new things and participate in human powered activities. According to surveys by both the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an American child is six times more likely to play a videogame on any given day than to ride a bike. An estimated 22 million of the world's children under the age of five are already considered obese. According to research conducted by ACA, 63 percent of children who learn new activities at camp tend to continue engaging in these activities after they return home. This leads to continued physical exercise that lasts a lifetime.

3. Camp keeps all that hard work from going to waste - Camps understand the critical role they play in helping young people learn and grow. Many offer programs that help reduce summer learning loss, bolster academic enrichment and socialization, provide opportunities for leadership development, and ensure that campers achieve their full potential.

(Site Photos) SailinginHarbor.jpg4. Camp allows kids to take a deep breath and feel the nature - Camp is a great way for your child to unplug from the iPod® and plug into the world around them. According to a study by two Cornell University environmental psychologists, being close to nature can help boost a child's attention span. Additionally, a study conducted by the University of Essex in England concluded that nature can help people recover from pre-existing stresses or problems, has an immunizing effect that can protect from future stresses, and helps people to concentrate and think more clearly. In some instances, camp may be the only time a child is in contact with the natural world.

5. Camp is fun - It's true; kids do sing silly songs and play funny games at camp. Children are allowed to play in a safe and nurturing environment, and are allowed to just be kids. Play is a powerful form of learning that contributes mightily to the child's healthy physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development. According to an American Academy of Pediatrics report, creative free play protects a child's emotional development and reduces a child's risk of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Photos: Camp Hammer, UCSC Sailing                         Article courtesy of the American Camping Association
  Day Camps
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(Camp Ads 2010) AptosSummerAdventure2010_180.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) CampHammer.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) GatewaySummer2010.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) WaldorfSummer2010fixed.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) MountMadonnaSummer.jpg

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(Camp Ads 2010) CampSeaLabSummer.jpg

  What the World Could Learn from Summer Camp

(Icons/Graphics) WorldHands.jpgIn the summer of 2008, Matthew Carroll decided to work as a counselor at a traditional American summer camp in upstate New York. This trip to New York quickly turned into a journey of discovery. Having just graduated from college in his native country of Ireland only one week before, he thought a couple of months working in a camp would assist in his pursuit of avoiding the real world. It was exactly this mission that made him realize what the world could learn from summer camp.


1. Everyone is equal - at camp Carroll noticed that the kids dressed the same as the counselors; counselors were dressed the same as kitchen staff; and office staff were dressed the same as the head counselors. You couldn't distinguish the kids whose parents had saved up for months to send their kids to camp from those who had spent the spare change of a week's pay.

(Site Photos) childrenrunningbeach.jpg
2. Everyone is respected - While the campers and American counselors recited the Pledge of Allegiance, the international staff looked on in silence. Different faiths and different cultures were respected and tolerated. Coming from Northern Ireland this was not only a novelty but something that impressed Carroll. People of all faiths were observing Jewish culture with respect, while back home in Northern Ireland, Christians struggle to tolerate the cultures of other Christians.

(Site Photos) childrenhikingbackpacks.jpg3. Camp went back to basics - Mobile phones were banned and internet access was limited. A strong emphasis was put on keeping camp tidy, with everyone sharing in the task of keeping trash off the ground. Carroll was surprised to learn that the kids didn't seem to miss "the outside world." Bringing down the veil of technology led to more open conversation between friends, better networking, and the development of new relationships.

4. Everyone was active and playing
- Older kids played with younger kids; brothers played together; twenty-one-year-olds challenged eight-year-olds to games of chess . . . and lost. Kids were able to play outside in a safe environment the way they used to.

So what can the world learn from camp? In short, to let kids be kids. According to Rodger Popkin, owner/director of Blue Star Camps and past national president for the American Camp Association® (ACA), camp is a human relations laboratory - where people are encouraged to invent and re-invent themselves. The process of self-invention will involve all the building blocks necessary for a life based on self-knowledge, focused purpose, and a well-defined understanding of our personal place in the world.

Courtesy of American Camping Association

  Specialty Camps

(Camp Ads 2010) FreshPrep2010_180.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) ChartwellSummer.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) PediatricTherapy2010_180.jpg

Aux Tois Pommes

June 21st - July 31st

Classes in 9 languages:

FrenchSpanish ItalianJapaneseGermanRussianArabicMandarinPortuguese

(Business Logos) AuxToisPommes.jpg

765 Cedar Street Suite 103
Santa Cruz

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  Sports Camps

(Camp Ads 2010) BlackRailsSummer2010.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) yno7qe_SoquelSportsCamp.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) CatalystSoccer2010_180.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) SantaCruzSoccer2010_180.jpg


Champions keep playing until they get it right.
Billie Jean King

I see great things in baseball. It's our game - the American game.
Walt Whitman

I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.
Michael Jordan

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(Camp Ads 2010) SeahorseSwim2010_180.jpg

  Overnight Camping

(Camp Ads 2010) MissionSprings-FrontierRanch.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) GoldArrowCamp2010.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) CampHammer.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) CampSeaLabSummer.jpg

"Dear Mom and Dad, I'm having too much fun to write!"

"Camp is great, the food is okay. The pool is cold."

"Dear Mom, They make me clear the table. I don't miss Tabitha. Don't tell Dad. I want to go home. I miss you. Love, Julie"

"Dear Mom and Dad, I hit a home run.  The food here isn't bad. Your a pretty good cook.  I swam to the raft. I hate it here. Love, Sam"

"Dear Mom, I have a new friend. See you on visiting day. Love, Julie"

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