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September 8, 2016
Math is So Much Fun!

2016 Fair

Linda's Tips for Easy Mornings

Ask Nicole: Encouraging a Growth Mindset
Ask Nicole continued
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  Math is So Much Fun!

(A A Sep 16) MathNatureDahlia.jpgUntil I taught 6th graders I didn't know math could be so much fun. Back in the days... art, history, geography and literature, even biology (illustrating frogs and flowers) had more appeal.  But perspectives can change!

We needn't be mathematicians to appreciate geometry in nature where math and art come together! Fractals are everywhere. Let's bring the children to UCSC's Arboretum, walk around our own gardens, the neighborhood, our parks, visit local garden stores. Take a different perspective in the fresh produce section of (A A Sep 16) MathNatureRomanescoBroccoli.jpgthe grocery store.  For some exotic images of fractals, go here.

Make your outings mathematical.  Challenge the children to find fractals. Our local scientist/mom, Christine Cockey, explains fractals in the larger scheme of things --here and here.

For more math fun, check out the upcoming Julia Robinson Math Festival at Cabrillo College.

An old friend, Judy McMillan, who has run a wonderful, nurturing in-home daycare for many years called to let us know that she has re-opened her enchanting environment as a preschool offering flexible days and open 8am to 1:30pm.  If you are in preschool exploration mode, check out Children's Cottage Montessori in Aptos.  Judy welcomes your visits.

An educator new to me, Rob Owen, called to talk about his new venture, Pioneer Academy.  Working with middle school students, an age that became my favorite as they wrestled with humor, mistakes and successes in the natural ups and downs of that "middle" childhood age takes experience, vision and a steady presence.  Check out Rob Owen's new and surprisingly affordable program located in Corralitos.

(A Buttons) Button_Weekend.jpgPlease recommend our newsletter to new friends so they won't miss a few tidbits of wisdom from our author contributors, and as always our many fun events! We cannot fit them all into this newsletter.  There are more on the online calendar.

Enjoy your weekend with the family! Parmalee


(A Aug) Fair2016728.jpg

  2016 Fair

The fair is a family affair. Especially wonderful for the children is a visit to meet the farm animals and to talk with the children who have raised them. Or you can visit the exhibits of collections, vegetable carvings, art, quilts and preserves.  On the way in, take a little time to visit the Rodgers House, an 1870's house.


Captain Jack Spareribs

capn jack sapreribs tnVisitors may catch a glimpse of the "Captain Jack Spareribs " throughout the day and those who do will witness the pirate's comedic performance that features juggling torches, knives, cannon balls and clubs, along with magic tricks and ventriloquism. Kids in the audience are invited to be part of the show.


Michael Mezmer

michael mezmerMichael is known as the "Phenomenist" who combines his talents as one of the world's top performing stage hypnotists with his award winning skills in the field of organic magic phenomena to create amazing performances. Michael's TranceNosis Comedy Hypnosis Show and BrainStorm Phenomena Shows have been seen at major casinos, amusement parks, cruise ships, fairs and festivals throughout the world.

Wild West Turkey Stampede

turkey races....If you are within the sound of my voice... you are just seconds away from the funniest show in America... It is time for the Wild West Turkey Stampeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeede! These turkeys will keep you cheering and laughing all "race" long.


All Alaskan Racing Pigs

pig racesThe Famous All-Alaskan Racing Pigs are a team of the fastest and funniest athletes to serve up entertainment anywhere! Flat-track racing and hurdling are their specialties, but a good gag is always on the menu. If you are looking for entertainment don't miss these Racing Pigs.

Twinkle Time - Bilingual Fun for the Entire Family

twinkle This high energy, bilingual, pop music show is an outstanding experience for families and their young kids. Twinkle and Friends is one of the hottest phenomenons in the bright and colorful world of children's entertainment as their fun family of characters deliver a show full of catchy, hummable pop tunes that will get everyone "movin and groovin"...even parents too! Making learning fun, this show provides an environment in which children can learn and grow.

Once a year you can eat "fair food": huge corn dogs, crispy egg rolls on sticks, long hot dogs with curled french fries, fried mushrooms or artichoke hearts, Philly cheese steaks, legs of rotisserie turkey and barbecued meats galore, a sausage sandwich or taco salad, hamburgers and grilled onions on toasted bun with pickles and cheese. For dessert try cotton candy. Parents may find a taste of cold home brewed beer. Choose one!

2016 Fair Schedule at a Glance

2601 East Lake Avenue  Watsonville, CA 95076 - Click here for directions

Fair Hours: Wednesday - Friday Noon to 11:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PMGetting Around

  • Download & print a fairgrounds map by clicking here
  • 2016 Metro Fair schedule will be posted soon!

Daily Admission

Adults 13 to 61 $12.00
Children 6 to 12 $6.00
Under 6 Free
Seniors 62 and better $11.00
Parking $5.00 per vehicle

Daily Event Schedules 

Wednesday - September 14, 2016
Thursday - September 15, 2016
Friday - September 16, 2016
Saturday - September 17, 2016
Sunday - September 18, 2016

2016 Entertainment

Wednesday 9/14 No Respect Band
Thursday 9/15 Mickey Guyton
Friday 9/16 Great White
Saturday 9/17 James Durbin
Sunday 9/18 Industria Del Amor


(A A Sep 16) Childrens-Cottage-Montessori-ad.jpg

  Linda's Tips for Easy Mornings

Linda's Tips for Easy Mornings, Homework Success and A Peaceful Family

By Linda Lambdin, Principal of Tierra Pacifica Charter School

If school mornings in your home are calm, peaceful and enjoyable. If it's easy to get to school on time, if your children get themselves up and ready, always have their homework and never forget where their shoes are then you can stop reading right here. If however, mornings at your house are sometimes less than idyllic, here are some tips.

(A A Sep 16) brushing-teeth.jpgYou and your children will be getting ready for school in basically the same way for at least 13 years. That means 2,340 mornings that can either be smooth and organized or filled with tears, stress and cajoling. If your routine takes 20 minutes longer a day than it needs to that is 60 hours a year (about 2 school weeks) wasted that could have been spent doing something fun. If you have to prompt your child through the 25 steps process of getting out the door you may want to pull your hair out some mornings and that is not a good way to start the day.

These routines are worth putting time into up front. Put aside some real time to plan in detail how to make everything as efficient and simple as possible. Practice, and soon you will find that life has gotten a lot simpler because your kids will be capable and organized and you will no longer have to be running the show. Read on for 7 specific tips and a specific list>>>>


(A Aug) TripleP_RedChildren2.jpg

  Ask Nicole: Encouraging a Growth Mindset

by Nicole M. Young, MSW

As my kids grow older, I've become increasingly obsessed with asking myself, "Will they be prepared to live on their own someday?" Deep down, I know they'll be fine. They will make mistakes, do things I consider irrational or unwise, or just struggle to define who they are and what they believe in. Even though I know my kids will do fine in life, it's hard not to wonder and worry as a parent. It takes constant effort to adjust my own mindset so I'm preparing my children for independence instead of limiting their opportunities to grow. The constant effort is exhausting, but the end result is rewarding.

This monthly column provides tips for anyone who is helping raise children, based on the world-renowned Triple P - Positive Parenting Program, available to families in Santa Cruz County. If you have a question or idea for a future column, email me at

Dear Nicole, My daughter is starting 4th grade, and I've heard that the amount of homework and the teacher's expectations will be much higher than in previous years. She struggles to keep up at school, but she keeps trying and always has a good attitude. I'm just worried that as the work gets harder, she'll get discouraged and will stop trying. Is there anything I can do to prevent that?  Randi

Dear Randi, Good question! It makes me think of "growth mindset" - a concept developed by Carol Dweck, a Stanford University psychology professor. People with a "fixed mindset" believe they are born with certain abilities, intelligence and talents, and there's nothing they can do to change them. Their goal is to always appear smart and capable, which leads them to avoid challenges or give up because they're afraid of failure.

People with a "growth mindset" believe the brain is like a muscle that grows stronger the more it's used. They welcome challenges, give their best effort, and are open to learning through feedback. It sounds like your daughter has a growth mindset, which can be continuously nurtured by both you and her teachers. Here are some strategies to try: Click for more>>>


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Artist in Residence
Seymour Marine Center

Now through mid-September
Fridays 10am - 2pm

(A Aug) Seymour_SailfinTang.jpg
Kayla Kemper is the Seymour Center's current "Artist in Residence" and is stationed next to the back windows of the entry hall. Due to popular demand, her live demonstrations have been extended into mid-September. Stop by to see Kayla as she demonstrates how she creates marine art and learn more about scientific illustration and animations.

(A A Sep 16) SecretsMentalMath.jpg

(A A Sep 16) Doghappygirl.jpg

Volunteers Wanted Monterey Birding Festival
click to view website
  Volunteers Wanted Monterey Birding Festival
Monterey Bay Birding Festival
Date: Every day (Apr 28-Oct 2)
Details: Call for Volunteers
view all details >>
Seafood Foraging Class
click to view website
  Seafood Foraging Class
Adventure Sports Unlimited Adventure Travel
Date: Every day (Feb 9-Feb 11)
Ages: Adults, Kids 6-17 with adult
Details: Great class for the whole family to hunter/gather for a meal and learn about our ocean.
Special Instructions: Check for age suggestions
City: Santa Cruz Phone: (831) 458-3648 view all details >>
Capitola Art & Wine Festival
click to view website
  Capitola Art & Wine Festival
Capitola Chamber
Date: Every day (Sep 9-Sep 10)
Details: 23 Wineries, gourmet food, fine art, entertainment, children's art area. Admission free.
City: Capitola Village Phone: (831) 475 6522 view all details >>
Mole & Mariachi Festival
click to view website
  Mole & Mariachi Festival
Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks
Date: 09/10/2016 from 11:00am to 5:00pm
Details: Celebrate Santa Cruz County Heritage with mole and mariachi
City: Santa Cruz view all details >>
NBC Kids' Connection- Lorraine Pursell, M.A.
click to view website
  NBC Kids' Connection- Lorraine Pursell, M.A.
NBC TV, Lorraine Pursell, M.A.
Date: Every day
Ages: All
Details: Preparing Your Teens- NBC with Lorraine Pursell, M.A.
Special Instructions: -Events Tab
City: Williston Phone: (808) 936-4370 view all details >>
Renaissance Faire Weekends
click to view website
  Renaissance Faire Weekends
Northern California Renaissance Faire
Date: Every Su and Sa (Sep 30-Oct 15) from 10:00am to 6:00pm
Details: Pageantry, Revelry, Crafts and Romance
City: Hollister view all details >>
Fractal Detectives!
click to view website
  Fractal Detectives!
view all details >>
Santa Cruz Greek Festival
click to view website
  Santa Cruz Greek Festival
Prophet Elias Greek Church
Date: Every day (Sep 8-Sep 10)
Ages: All Ages
Details: Come and enjoy this showcase authentic Greek food and pastries, spirits, live music, and dancing.
Special Instructions: 223 Church Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
City: Santa Cruz Phone: (831) 429-6500 view all details >>
Fractal Detectives!
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  Fractal Detectives!
view all details >>
Grandparents Day Walk
click to view website
  Grandparents Day Walk
State Park Big Basin
Date: 09/10/2017 at 1:00pm
City: Boulder Creek Phone: (831) 338-8883 view all details >>
Ohlone Day
click to view website
  Ohlone Day
State Park Henry Cowell
Date: 09/09/2017 from 10:00am to 4:00pm
Details: Ohlone people will share their traditional basketry, songs, stories, tools, musical instruments, dance, and their history
City: Felton Phone: (831) 335-7077 view all details >>
Snake Park Saturday
click to view website
  Snake Park Saturday
State Park Rancho del Oso
Date: 10/14/2017 at 2:00pm
Details: Learn about the fascinating world of snakes from a snake expert
Special Instructions: 10am and 1pm
City: Davenport Phone: (831) 427-2288 view all details >>
Fractal Detectives!
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  Fractal Detectives!
view all details >>
  Ask Nicole continued

Encourage your child to set goals and self-evaluate her progress. Talk with your daughter about something she would like to work on or improve this year. Help her identify a goal that feels both realistic and challenging to achieve. Throughout the year, ask questions that encourage her to reflect on her progress: what strategies she's tried, what's working well and what she'll do differently in the future.  

Praise both efforts and achievements. Descriptive praise acknowledges the child's efforts and ties it to the goal or outcome the child is working toward. This boosts a child's self-esteem and also reinforces the belief that continuous effort leads to continuous improvements. Examples of descriptive praise include, "You spent a lot of time studying for that test and your score is higher than last time. That's progress!" or "You did a good job trying different ways to solve this problem and sticking with it until you figured it out."

Teach your child strategies to solve problems independently. In Triple P, the steps in the problem-solving process are 1) define the problem or issue, 2) brainstorm possible solutions, 3) choose a solution, 4) try it out, and 5) review what worked well and what adjustments are needed for the future. These are steps that children of any age (and adults!) can learn and practice. Parents, caregivers and teachers can help children become independent problem-solvers by gradually reducing the amount of telling - "You should try this next time," - and increasing the amount of asking - "What will you do next time?"

Set a good example. It's common for adults to talk about having a growth mindset, but then respond to their own or others' mistakes and struggles by becoming anxious, overly concerned or controlling. Trust me, I know. One of the best ways for adults to foster a growth mindset in children is to have regular conversations about setting goals, trying new ideas and approaches, making mistakes, trying again and acknowledging accomplishments. It will be even more powerful when children see and hear adults doing this about their own challenges and failures.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Developing a growth mindset is hard work. It's a lifelong process. Fortunately, positive parenting strategies are valuable tools that help foster a growth mindset, which is one of the greatest gifts that parents can give their children.

Nicole Young is the mother of two children, ages 12 and 16, who also manages Santa Cruz County's Triple P - Positive Parenting Program, the world's leading positive parenting program. Scientifically proven, Triple P is made available locally by First 5 Santa Cruz County, the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency (Mental Health Services Act) and the Santa Cruz County Human Services Department. For more information, including classes and one-on-one meetings to help parents handle everyday parenting challenges, visit,To find a Triple P class or practitioner, contact First 5 Santa Cruz County at 465-2217 or

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