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Go to the Fair!
September 16, 2010
Ice Cream Works Every Time!
Alaskan Pig Races and Other Interesting Entertainment
This Week
Santa Cruz County Fair
Conceptual learning for younger gifted children
SPIN - Resource and Support for Parents of Special Needs Children
A Practical Checklist for Parents of Children Headed for College
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  Ice Cream Works Every Time!

(Special Event Page Graphics) SCCountyFair_Piglet.jpg

The Fair is delightful.  Go!  Have fun! Learn a lot!

Have you ever been around pigs? You can meet pigs at the fair!  Just like us, they are smart, sweet, ornery, stubborn, love to eat, have different personalities, etc.

My only experience was trying to help a friend catch a few 200 pound pigs who had escaped and found the vegetable garden.  The technique was to put a bucket over their heads and back them into the pen without getting your own feet stepped on, but first you had to get close to them and oh my, they were very wily!  I never laughed so hard in my life!  After an exhausting hour we finally enticed them back to the pens with ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream, we tasted some at Mission Hill Creamery located in Fresh Prep Kitchens on Front St, Santa Cruz. It's indescribably delicious, especially the mint vanilla and raspberry sorbet. There were about ten flavors available.

Continuing on educational ideas, we offer three articles and hope one of them is food for thought for you!

Be sure to check frequently for upcoming events in our Events Calendar.  It's so full of fall harvest and Halloween activities that you will want to plan ahead.  More activities are added daily, so check back frequently.

Enjoy the fair! Parmalee

  Alaskan Pig Races and Other Interesting Entertainment

Have you gone to the fair yet?  Some may go for the musical entertainment, some for animal connections, others for food, agricultural or artistic displays, rides.  There is truly something for everyone and every year is different.  The K-9 Frisbee dogs are amazing.  There's a model railroad that replicates the historical rail lines of Santa Cruz County.  The Alaskan Pig Races promise to be entertaining.

(Special Event Page Graphics) SCCountyFair2010_AlaskanRacingPigs.jpg"No matter who you root for, you can be sure that one hot-footed pig is going to hoof it around the track to victory in the All-Alaskan Pig Races.

These prestigious porkers have appeared in hundreds of television news reports and over 500 newspaper articles, and they're coming to the Santa Cruz Fair this year for three appearances daily. Although the Alaska State Fair has been their home site for 24 years, they have a soft spot for Santa Cruz County, according to manager Bart Noll. "We first played here in 1988 and had a blast - the Santa Cruz County Fair fans are the best!" he says, adding that they've returned more than a dozen times since.

Two of the main ingredients for the All-Alaskan Racing Pig shows are comedy and competition. These perky pigs are natural hams, so to speak, and they've brought home the bacon at shows all over the western U.S. and Alaska.

Another important ingredient of the race is cookies, which is the treat that the pigs are racing to win. Each race only lasts about six seconds (these pigs are fast!) and each 20-minute show features four races.

Bart Noll admits that his eight pigs are a little spoiled. They live in an air-conditioned trailer, eat well and get a fresh cedar or pine bedding change twice daily. "They love what they do," Bart says, "and they like people and are fun to work with."

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  This Week

Event CalendarBelow is only a partial list of upcoming events and activities so be sure to click on our EVENT CALENDAR so you do not miss anything >>

Use the PARENT PLANNER to click on events and resources you are interested in and click PRINT MY PLANNER to print or email your list.

Resource Directory | Movie Showtimes


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School Corner


Seymour Center School Tours

Chartwell School Informal Tour 10/12

The New High School Project Informal Tour 10/12

Monte Foundation Raise $ for your school

SPIN IEP Training 11/13



& Raspberries

(Icons/Graphics) Hopii_DancingBerries.jpg

$2.75 per pound

5 or 10 pound pack


Call Beth  



Hopii Pristine Foods LLC

Corralitos, CA

Save the dates!

Get out your

lederhosen & dirndls!


Tyrolean Inn

(Site Photos) TyroleanDancinggirls.jpg

September 24-26

Karl Lebherz Band

Big Lou and

Die Alpen Band

9600 Hwy 9, Ben Lomond



(Business Logos) FreshPrepLogo.jpg

Dinner for
Back to School

Jody's Turkey Chili with Cornbread and Tomato & Corn Salad


This chili is fantastic--don't miss it! It has become famous with our downtown patrons as we serve it hot during lunchtime! A Hearty and easy meal. Just place into your crock-pot and stir or make it even faster on the stove-top. A lean and healthy alternative to beef chili.


Crock-Pot or Stove-Top.
Ziploc. Serves 4.




Mission Hill


Organic Hand Packed Ice Cream and Sorbet
Pint $7.00
($1.75 per serving)

Ice Cream--Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate;

Sorbet--Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango. Pint.


Come in for a taste!

Order online:


(Ads) SaleNordicNaturals.jpg Way of Life

(Site Photos) Dog_and_Pig.jpg

 Santa Cruz County Fair

(Special Event Page Graphics) SCCountyFair_Piglet.jpgA Week of Fun at the Santa Cruz County Fair!

Get ready for pig racing, frisbee dogs, bands, art, wine. poetry, gardening, garlic fries, concerts, carnival rides and livestock exhibits. 400-pound pumpkins, and more!

HOURS noon-11pm
9/14 Tues, Seniors Day, $4.00 Admission for Seniors age 62 and over

9/15 Weds, Sept 116, Kids Day, Free Admission for Kids 11 and Under All Day, Carnival Wristband Day

9/16 & 17 Thurs & Fri, Education Days, Carnival Wristband Day

(Special Event Page Graphics) ScCountyFair_GirlswithGoats.jpg9/18 Sat, Junior Livestock Auction

9/19 Sun, Ocean Speedway Destruction Derby Day

Entertainment Schedule, All Shows 7:30pm Amphitheater Stage, Wrestling 7:30pm

9/14 The Count 5

9/15 Bucky Covington

9/16 Antsy McClain and The Trailer Park Troubadours

(Special Event Page Graphics) SCCountyFair_Pumpkin.jpg9/17 The Family Stone

9/20 Gallagher

9/21 Pro Wrestling Revolution

All shows are free with your fair admission.

Ice Cream Works!
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  Ice Cream Works!
view all details >>
Ice Cream Works!
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  Ice Cream Works!
view all details >>
Ice Cream Works!
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  Ice Cream Works!
view all details >>
Children's Clothing Swap
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  Children's Clothing Swap
St. Andrew's
Date: The 3rd Sa of every month from 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Details: Monthly Children's Clothing Swap
City: Ben Lomond Phone: 408-875-3450 view all details >>
Ice Cream Works!
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  Ice Cream Works!
view all details >>
Ice Cream Works!
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  Ice Cream Works!
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Ice Cream Works!
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  Ice Cream Works!
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Ice Cream Works!
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  Ice Cream Works!
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Ice Cream Works!
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  Ice Cream Works!
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Ice Cream Works!
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  Ice Cream Works!
view all details >>
  Conceptual learning for younger gifted children

(Site Photos) SukiRedHead_138.jpgby Suki Wessling. Gifted Children Examiner

Younger gifted children often have the focus, dexterity, and patience to match their physical age, yet their grasp of concepts and hunger for information match the profile of an older child.

Parents and teachers might find that this asynchrony causes problems when it comes to learning. A child who is interested in higher math, for example, may still have trouble sitting still in front of a worksheet, forming numbers small enough to fit on a set of advanced problems, and working through frustrations.

These children may need a different kind of learning environment, which feeds their interest in higher concepts while not causing frustration with their age-determined limitations.

Some possible approaches for a more appropriate learning environment:

Aural learning may be more appealing
Younger gifted children may show higher grasps of concepts when they are introduced in an aural context. For example, instead of offering a worksheet on algebraic equations, the child may enjoy a "game" of finding the mystery number in a number sentence by talking through the problem. Similarly, though a young child wouldn't have the patience to write an essay about a book she has read, she may be very happy to videotape a "report" on the book, where she discusses what she found interesting about the book.

Physical manipulatives can be used for higher concepts

Don't throw away your manipulatives when your child learns to add and subtract. Math manipulatives, puppets, felt boards, and other tools used for learning beginning concepts can function well for higher concepts as well.

Everyone loves a story

Just as toddlers love counting books, young gifted children can explore higher concepts through stories. Find recommendations for appropriate math books at Living Math, and for other non-fiction subjects at Hoagies' Gifted. Also, explore reading lists for young gifted readers and pre-teen gifted readers.

Use child-friendly activities such as art to explore higher concepts
Art doesn't have to be a subject of study -- it can also be a medium to explore ideas and express opinions. Too often, young gifted children will focus on their age-determined lack of skills rather than the illuminating process that art can provide.

Don't demand skills that will cause undue frustration

It's perfectly fine for a young child to dictate her thoughts to you rather than write them, or to use a computer rather than work on paper. Appropriate accommodations are as important for young gifted children as for older children with learning disabilities.

As gifted children grow, they will be able to tackle higher learning in a more traditional manner. But early accommodations for their age-based physical and emotional needs can help them retain the joy of learning and discovery.

  SPIN - Resource and Support for Parents of Special Needs Children

(Business Logos) SPINLogo.jpgSPIN is a non-profit organization developed by parents of children with special needs to help empower other parents to meet the unique needs of their child through networking and education.

Eligibility: Anyone who has an interest in children with special needs. A child with special needs is a child who has a temporary or chronic condition or disability present at birth or due to illness or injury. The child may be physically, emotionally, mentally, developmentally, or cognitively disabled.

Services Provided:
Information and referral - SPIN assists parents and professionals in locating resources for children with special needs and their families.

Parent to parent support
- Experienced parents of children with special needs are available to mentor parents who need support and information on specific disabilities or specific questions.

Educational workshops and training
- SPIN provides workshops and trainings on various topics to educate parents and professionals to better meet and advocate for the child's needs at home, school and in the community.

IEP Clinics - Individualized assistance on special education issues
. Library - Books, tapes, magazines and DVDs on issues relating to families who have children with special needs.

Networking - SPIN promotes the networking of parents through support groups, events, workshops and training, and parent to parent support.

IEP Training

Saturday, November 13, 9:00am-1:00pm

Santa Cruz Police Department Community Room, 155 Center St. Santa Cruz.

Call Sonia Plageman, (831) 423-7713 to RSVP or more info.

SPIN, Santa Cruz: (831) 423-7713  Watsonville: (831) 722-2800

  A Practical Checklist for Parents of Children Headed for College

(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) BulletinBoard.jpg"Opening Doors of Educational Opportunity"

source: National Association of Financial Aid Administrators

Checklist: Grade 6

  • Think about the people you know and the jobs they do. Do their jobs sound interesting to you?
  • Ask your parents and other adults what their jobs are like, what skills and training are needed, what they like and dislike about their careers.
  • Visit your school or public library-or search the Web-to learn more about careers that interest you.
  • Develop good study habits: Take clear notes, read all your assignments, work on assignments long before they are due, and study for all tests.
  • Come to class prepared.
  • Participate actively in classroom groups or activities, even when you don't feel like it.
  • Read at least one book per month in addition to assigned reading.

Checklist: Grade 7

  • Keep a journal of your daily experiences. Use an old notebook, buy a journal from the book store, or use a computer (and save your work). What's important is that you start writing.
  • Read newspapers and magazines or use the Web to learn about careers.
  • Start thinking about your high school choices-ones which will prepare you for the career you are interested in.
  • Volunteer in your community.

Checklist: Grade 8

  • Apply for a Social Security Number if you do not already have one.
  • Talk to your older brothers or sisters or your friends' older brothers or sisters who are attending college, vocational or technical school, or another type of college; consider how you would feel about attending that type of school. If you do not know anyone who is in a school beyond high school, ask a teacher or counselor to help you contact students to talk to about college.
  • Make every school year count; prepare academically for college.
  • Think more about career possibilities and explore different occupations.
  • Find out what courses you should take in high school that will help you to attend certain colleges or enter certain career fields.
  • Study, work hard, and do your best to earn good grades. Your performance in high school can play an important part in gaining you admission to college.
  • Save money now to help pay for school if you haven't already started.

Checklist: Grade 9

  • Check in your school's counseling office for materials on aptitude tests or skills assessment.
  • Meet and talk with your school counselor about yourself and your future. Take your parents with you.
  • Ask your parents how much they can help pay for your future education. Establish a savings plan. Learn about financial aid.
  • Find out about summer jobs and try to gain the skills you need to succeed.


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