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November 8, 2018

Girl on the Land

A Teen's Passion for History Connects Generations

The Art of Silence

Fun Events!
Passion for History continued
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  Girl on the Land

(0 A November 2018) GirlOnTheLand.jpg"One hundred years ago, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, world leaders signed the Armistice ending World War I and its four years of bloody conflict.

Commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the Armistice, we're offering a special series of in person and online programs and exhibits exploring World War I history. Join us:

This poster "The Girl on the Land Serves the Nation's Need," was created by artist Edward Penfield for the Y.W.C.A. Land Service Committee."

Can good ever come from a terrible war that devastates lives, all sides, active participants, their loved ones at home. As we teach history to our children, what is the fine line between teaching them reality and protecting them from the searing, debilitating trauma of war?  If a war is just and necessary to preserve freedoms, are we who are physically/emotionally distant from the fray providing support for those who fought on our behalf after they come home?

Have a great weekend and give some thought to our veterans, Parmalee


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  A Teen's Passion for History Connects Generations

Honoring the "Greatest Generation"

Teen Engages Veterans to Discuss War, Sacrifice and History 

In the following article, Cyrus Kamkar offers a perspective based on his ongoing interest in World War II and the veterans who served. Kamkar is organizing a second Veterans Paneto be held at Mount Madonna School on November 9.

"The history of World War II has always been a strong interest of mine, ever since I could remember. In second grade when our class would go on hikes, my friends and I would pretend to be WWII soldiers. We would try to find sticks that looked like rifles and run around trying to find the other classmates or "Germans." I thought of the soldiers as my superheroes. This interest only continued to grow, and still does.

When I was fourteen, I remember telling my mom "That's it. I need to meet, and talk to a WWII veteran." To me, it is like meeting a celebrity. The very next day, I saw an old man wearing a World War II combat veteran hat. I thanked him for his service and told him about my interest. He offered to set up a day to meet so he could further tell me his stories. His name was Joe, and he served in the navy on a destroyer ship in the Pacific. He passed away about a year after I interviewed him. Since then I have continued to interview WWII veterans. Read the rest>>>>


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  The Art of Silence

by Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D.

One of our greatest untapped allies in life is silence. Most of us are terrified to enter it, believing it to mean nothingness just because it doesn't involve some form of doing. Being still in silence is uncomfortable for most of us not only because it runs counter to the diet of constant busyness and achievement we were raised on, but because it puts us painfully in touch with the emptiness within where our true self ought to be.

Our discomfort with confronting ourselves in the naked stillness of absolute quiet leads us to eat too much, drink excessively, socialize mindlessly, and engage in a host of activities out of a desire to simply avoid being still. This constant whirring in our minds creates disharmony and imbalance. The mind cannot function at its optimum level when it's constantly under siege from endless opinions, criticism, and ideas.

Sitting in stillness for a few minutes through the day allows us to begin to be aware of our essence, enabling us to recharge.

Taking a few minutes to sit and place our awareness on our breath provides a break from the barrage of information our minds are constantly asked to process. These few minutes of centering allow us to remember what really matters in life-connection to self and others. Despite having all the trappings of external achievement, if we don't have connection, we essentially have nothing.

Just as a quick downpour has the power to clear the air, so it is with ten minutes of breathing and sitting in stillness.

Our children can immediately feel the shift in our energy. Checking into ourselves all through the day allows us to pause before we speak, so that we focus on the ways we communicate. This focused attention is essential if we are to parent consciously.

To be still means to be quiet in terms of both verbal and internal chatter.

It means to observe our mental chatter but not engage with it. When we practice this on a daily basis, the chatter eventually begins to die down. Chatter can continue interminably only if we are interacting with it. If we stop interacting with it and instead simply allow it to be, it fades.

To practice sitting in stillness, I ask parents to try not saying anything to their children for blocks of time-unless of course their children need them in some way. This doesn't mean the parent ignores the child or leaves them alone.

(0 A November 2018) MomChildonPorch.jpgInstead, it's an invitation to enter their children's presence without any desire to mold or change them. I ask the parent to channel the energy they would use for talking to instead observe their children.

I suggest they notice how the child sits.

Do their shoulders slouch? Then notice their eyes, their smile, their tone of voice. Allowing sufficient time to become quiet has a powerful effect on how we respond to our children.

When a parent asks me a specific and practical question such as, "What should I do if my child left the toothpaste open?" I respond, "Say nothing for five minutes."

"What if they leave the room lights on?"
"Say nothing for five minutes."
"What if they fail a test?"
"Say nothing for five minutes."
"What if they are rude and mean to me or someone else?"
"Say nothing for five minutes."
"What if they hit me or their sibling?"
"Say nothing for five minutes."

About now, I suspect all your alarm bells are sounding. This sounds crazy, doesn't it?

It's natural to be fearful when we're told to stop a habit.

Perhaps you feel I'm taking away your rights as a parent and thereby endorsing negative behavior? Or I am being too lenient? Or letting your child get away with bad behavior?

Saying nothing for five minutes doesn't mean any of these things. It doesn't mean we don't take action. It simply means we allow space for the wisest action to enter our awareness, since wisdom tends to surface in a situation only if we are able to step away from it for a few moments until we are calm and composed.

It means you resist rushing to judgment, even when you think that judgment is obvious.

Once you see the power of this approach to transform both you and your children, you'll give yourself the gift of a few minutes of silence to allow the optimum action to make itself known.

Excerpted from The Awakened Family: How to Raise Empowered, Resilient, and Conscious Children by Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D.  Copyright © 2016 by Shefali Tsabary.  Published by Viking, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC. Shefali Tsabary, PhDwill  be conducting a Silent and Guided Meditation Retreat at 1440Multiversity, January 18 - 21, 2019


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  Fun Events!
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Expedition Academy Middle School, Coffee and Q & A 11/8


Mount Madonna School PreK-12, Panel Discussion with Veterans 11/9


Mount Madonna PreK-12, Art and Play in the PreK11/14


Expedition Academy Middle School, Open Studio 11/15

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Come draw with us!

Rancho Del Oso

Sat, Nov. 10, 10:30am

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World Chess Championship Parties

 Aptos Library

11/10 and more!

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Bonny Doon Holiday Craft Fair
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  Bonny Doon Holiday Craft Fair
Bonny Doon Church
Date: 11/10/2018 from 10:00am to 4:00pm
Details: Come enjoy our annual chili tasting and bake sale! Find delightfulcreations from our local makers!
City: Bonny Doon view all details >>
Christmas Goose Boutique
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  Christmas Goose Boutique
Christmas Goose Boutique
Date: Every day (Nov 7-Nov 10)
Details: Celebrating 38 years of holiday decorations and gifts
City: Los Gatos Phone: (408) 629-4812 view all details >>
click to view website
Food Truck A Go Go
Date: 11/09/2018 from 4:30pm to 7:30pm
Details: Join us for a very special evening with delicious food & drink + great music!
City: Scotts Valley view all details >>
An Evening with David Crosby and Friends
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  An Evening with David Crosby and Friends
Golden State Theatre
Date: 11/09/2018 at 8:00pm
Details: Two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and co-founder of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, David Crosby is heading out on tour
Special Instructions: Tickets go fast!
City: Monterey Phone: (831) 649-1070 view all details >>
Buffalo Bill & California
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  Buffalo Bill & California
Library Central
Date: 11/08/2018 from 12:30pm to 2:30pm
Ages: Adults
Details: A dynamic lecture with vintage posters and photographs illuminating the remarkable legacy of William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody - fr
City: Santa Cruz Phone: (831) 427-7717 view all details >>
Genealogy Research Group
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  Genealogy Research Group
Library La Selva Beach
Date: The 3rd Wed of every month from 10:30am to 12:00pm
Details: Interested in genealogy? At a dead-end? Have a new source to share? Join us
City: La Selva Beach Phone: 661-4771 view all details >>
David Copperfield
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  David Copperfield
Jewel Theatre Co
Date: Every day (Dec 13-Dec 23)
Details: Adapted from Charles Dickens' favorite and most autobiographical novel, "David Copperfield, The New Musical" follows David's lif
City: Santa Cruz view all details >>
A Panel Discussion with U.S. Service Veterans
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  A Panel Discussion with U.S. Service Veterans
Mount Madonna School
Date: 11/09/2018 from 9:00am to 11:30am
Ages: All
Details: Teen Engages Veterans to Discuss War, Sacrifice and History
City: Watsonville Phone: (408) 847-2717 view all details >>
Veterans Dinner
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  Veterans Dinner
Redwood Keg
Date: 11/11/2018 from 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Details: Enjoy an evening of fine dining and camaraderie while honoring our veterans with service branch recognition, patriotic songs, an
City: Boulder Creek Phone: (831) 338-8382 view all details >>
click to view website
Rio Theater
Date: 11/09/2018 from 7:00pm to 9:30pm
Details: Climbing's greatest stories, stars with heart-thumping action, big laughs, and pure inspiration
City: Santa Cruz view all details >>
Intro to Artisanal Sourdough Bread-Making & the Science of Bread
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  Intro to Artisanal Sourdough Bread-Making & the Science of Bread
Santa Cruz County Parks
Date: 11/10/2018 from 10:00am to 12:30pm
Ages: all
Details: Learn artisanal bread-making techniques including care and feeding of your sourdough starter, bread proofing baskets and bread c
Special Instructions: 10/6 & 11/10
City: Santa Cruz Phone: (831) 454-7946 view all details >>
Holiday Homeless Garden Sales
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  Holiday Homeless Garden Sales
Homeless Garden Project
Date: Every day (Nov 12-Dec 24)
Details: Come visit us starting Nov. 12th at 1338 Pacific Ave, next to El Palomar restaurant.
City: Santa Cruz view all details >>
Pop-up Makers Market
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  Pop-up Makers Market
Tipsy Gypsy
Date: 11/11/2018 from 11:00am to 4:00pm
Details: It's a pop-up market at the Boutique Tipsy Gypsy!Swing in and do
City: Capitola view all details >>
Bilingual Learn & Play
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  Bilingual Learn & Play
Watsonville PAL
Date: Every Th from 10:30am to 11:30am
Details: WPAL brings to you our new TODDLER PROGRAM.
City: Watsonville Phone: 831-763-4147 view all details >>
  Passion for History continued

My Science with Humanities teacher, Nicole Culbertson, gave us an assignment at the beginning of the year. Basically, the premise of the assignment was to pick something that you are passionate about, and create something social or interactive with it. I decided to kill two birds with one stone, and do the project on what I have already been doing.

However, this year I have expanded it and made it more organized. I decided to branch out to veterans from other wars as well, such as Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq/Afghanistan. I also thought it would be a good idea to bring a panel of veterans up to the school to share their stories, which took a lot of work to organize. I had to make sure to interview all the veterans attending before the event so I could have individual questions for each veteran and their experience, rather than the same questions for every veteran.

I feel that respect for our veterans in today's culture is lacking, unfortunately, especially among my age group. The panel discussion at Mount Madonna School on March 20 ended up going exactly as planned and was amazing! I wanted to make sure the students had the opportunity to listen to these veterans and their stories. The event went from 9:00am to 11:30am, the first three periods of class, and I was shocked to see that at the end, instead of going straight to lunch, all the students walked up and thanked the veterans for their service. Based on that, I am hoping the discussion made a real impact.

My goal with this project is to spread the awareness of the importance of the soldiers' sacrifices. When people talk about how horrible Hitler was, they forget to mention that he could have won. If it weren't for the United States and its brave soldiers, the world would be a very different place. What I am doing is not a message of pro war, if anything, it is anti-war. The further away we get from remembering these incidents in history, the closer we are to war and losing freedom. This can't be thought of as something that happened a long time ago. War is relevant.

(0 A May 2018) MM_WW2.jpgI am thankful to our faculty for allowing this panel discussion to happen. I am also very grateful for the veterans who participated: JP (navy, WWII), Al Hopson (air force, WWII), David Perez (army medic, WWII) Rick Noble (long-range reconnaissance patrol, Vietnam), Gary (army, Vietnam) Mike Baker (army, Vietnam), and Dean Kaufman (army, Gulf War).

I have a deep interest in our nation's veterans, and feel that it is very important to remember their sacrifices. One of the WWII veterans I know sent me a list of veterans and their contacts, one of which is Bob Osborne. Bob Osborne is a Korean War combat veteran who served in the Army. He is 85 years old. I spoke with him on the phone and told him about my project and he was willing to do an interview.

(0 A May 2018) MM_VetCyrus1.jpgSuddenly I remembered an event from last year. It was Memorial Day, and I was eating at Roger's Diner in Watsonville. In walked an old man with a T-shirt with an American flag on it, and the shirt read, "Try to burn this flag." Then he turned around, and I saw his Korean War veteran hat. The Korean War is referred to as the "forgotten war," I thought he deserved some recognition. Because of this, his t-shirt and the fact that it was Memorial Day, I knew I had to shake his hand and thank him for his service, so I did. I also complimented him on his shirt. He told me, "I never get thanked by people your age, but it's refreshing."

I don't know why, but that memory popped in my head while I was on the phone with Bobby, so I asked him, "Hey Bobby, you don't happen to have a t-shirt that says, "try to burn this flag' do you?" He said, "Yes, I do. You don't happen to be the boy who shook my hand and thanked me for my service at Roger's Diner about a year ago, are you?" I said "Yep, that was me." The fact that he still remembered me, just like I remembered him, really impacted me a lot. It makes this project even more worth it. It makes me really happy that he remembered me, but also very sad. He should have so many people thanking him that he wouldn't remember any of them.

Every step we take in a free society, every movement, every breath was fought for and made possible by our veterans. Every freedom we have has been fought, bled and died for. The will to protect and preserve the ideas that shape us as Americans must continue to live on and show as a shining example for the whole world to see. We are a unique country that was formed off of a reaction to oppressive government rule, and we have successfully been consistent with those values by being the strongest enemy of tyranny and greatest preserver of freedom around the world.

(0 A May 2018) MemDayWeRemember.jpgThere is nothing that could sadden me more than to see our country become alienated from these unique and integral values. War must be avoided at all costs, but we should always be the first to sacrifice when it's needed to ensure freedom. This is why it is important to not just respect our veterans, but to show them that you respect them. A WWII veteran once told me "We aren't called the greatest generation because of what we did. We were the greatest generation because of who we were. We could not have done what we did if it weren't for our values and patriotism. And always remember this Cyrus, we didn't fight for us, we fought for you." I will always remember that. There is a quote that was found in a dead U.S. soldier's diary on the battlefield from WWI that always gives me the chills: America must win this war. Therefore, I will work, I will save, I will sacrifice, I will endure, I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost, as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone."

Cyrus Kamkar is a graduate of Mount Madonna School. He returns on November 11 to moderate a panel discussion with local United States service veterans who will discuss, war, sacrifice and history. You are invited!

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