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January 17, 2013

Disaster Preparedness

“The 12 Secrets Parent” ~ How to Create a Lasting, Close Bond with Your Child

Facebook thinks I Read Spanish and Other Musings About Modern Life...

Science with Christine: Wrinkly Fingers in the Bathtub
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42nd Street Musical, All About Theatre's 10th Anniversary Production!
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(Books/Products) TV_Abolitionists.jpgNow don't get mad. This is not a political commentary. It's a musing on what and how history is taught in colleges and our local schools and a reminder that as parents we have the right and responsibility to know what our children are being taught and as teachers we have the responsibility to present accurate facts and encourage balanced perspectives when opinions enter.

I bring this up because I recently read an article about a study on the content of history being taught in colleges. The article was critical of teaching history predominantly through the prism of race, gender and class.

"Unfortunately, according to a new report by the National Association of Scholars (NAS), "Recasting History: Are Race, Class, and Gender Dominating American History?," our colleges and universities are doing a bad job. More precisely, as the NAS report documents, history departments promote a drastically incomplete and distorted vision of America by concentrating on the teaching of race, class, and gender at the expense of nearly everything else."

Tuesday I caught part of a documentary, The Abolitionists, on KQED on a period in our history leading up to our Civil War.  I learned some fascinating details about that terrible era in our American history.

The Abolitionists, Premiering January 8, 15 & 22, 2013. Abolitionist allies Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Harriet Beecher Stowe, John Brown and Angelina Grimké turned a despised fringe movement against chattel slavery into a force that literally changed the nation.

It's hard to believe that there was ever any question about whether or not slavery was right, but there was, in all states and territories of our 100 year old nation.  Interestingly, there they were again --politicians-- making decisions for wrong reasons.  Amazing.

(Logos Business) SafeSchools.jpgWe and our children need to know what really happened over the centuries in various ascendant and descendant societies. We need that foundation. It is what will enable us to ultimately live in and guide a society that does the right thing more often than not.

Could it be that in our attempt to right grievous wrongs we have lost a balanced perspective?

Schedule for Viewing The Abolitionists  ~  About The Abolitionists

All schools and parents are concerned for the safety of their children.  I had the privilege of watching and listening to Bill Francis teach primary age children simple steps about one aspect of school safety: the "No! Stop! (with hands up, palms out), Run to Adult protocol. Older children received additional information.  He recommends that schools go to the website for excellent practical information.

Have a great weekend, Parmalee

  Disaster Preparedness

Don't Panic! Prepare!  Be informed. Get a Kit. Make a Plan.

If a large-scale disaster occurs in our area, what will you do? What if the emergency responders are overwhelmed and can't help you right away? If you have to leave your house, where will you go? Review your family's emergency plans, update your emergency kits, and make sure your family is ready for an emergency.

Be Informed
Information is a valuable resource during an emergency, and just as valuable before an emergency occurs. Gathering information is key to forming an emergency plan that meets all of your family's needs.
• Learn what type of disasters your area might experience.
• Find out the disaster plans for your workplace and your child's school.
• Identify evacuation routes from your home, place of work, neighborhood and town.
• Know where and how to turn off home utilities.
• Register for local emergency alerts, like Nixel or get the Santa Cruz Police Department's mobile app.

(Logos Business) RedCrossSC.jpgGet A Kit
A disaster kit should include food, water, and supplies to sustain your family for at least three days.  Incorporate buying emergency kit supplies during regular trips to the grocery and hardware stores. Here are the basics: (For comprehensive lists of supplies for disaster kits, see: Be Red Cross Ready)

• One gallon of water per person, per day, for at least three days
• Three-day supply of non-perishable food (and tools to open the containers)
• Copies of important documents in a water-proof container (insurance policies, financial information, identification, medical records)
• Radio with extra batteries, preferably hand-cranked and/or solar powered
• First-aid kit
• Flashlights
• Dust masks
• Multi-purpose tool
• Blankets• Personal hygiene products (wipes, hand sanitizer)
• Cell phone charger
• Special needs items (infant needs, medical supplies, pet care items)

Make a Plan
The nature of an emergency is that it is unexpected. All members of your family may not be together when an emergency occurs. How will you communicate with family members if the phone lines are jammed? What will happen if you are at work or your child is at school? Families can prepare for these situations by creating a communication plan.
• Identify family meeting places: one near your house, and one outside the neighborhood.
• Select out-of-town and out-of-state emergency contacts, and make sure everyone in the family knows their phone numbers.
• Write down important medical information for each member of your family (blood type, allergies, medications, doctor's name and contact information).
• Arrange for help evacuating, if needed.
• Talk about your plan with your family. Make sure your children understand what to do in case of an emergency.
For help talking to your children about emergency preparedness, visit or Sesame Street's Let's Get Ready website.


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  “The 12 Secrets Parent” ~ How to Create a Lasting, Close Bond with Your Child

First of all, it matters what a close bond means to you. Does it mean sharing dreams? Chatting? Being able to vent to each other? Being the parent? Or does it just mean hanging out? Maybe it is all of this and more.

A good place to start is looking at the things you TOTALLY loved about your bonding with your Mom and Dad. My Mom and I sat on the sofa each morning and smoked cigarettes together- ick, except for the bonding that it was. I learned a lot from those mornings with my unconventional Mom, like how to be cool with my son, how to have casual conversation, and how it felt to be included in an adult world. She also did a lot for me, like sewing all my clothes to keep up with the popular girls and wear something new each day- this was meaningful for me and miraculous given that I was the oldest of 4.

Maybe your weirdest memories are some your best because you can summon the essence of what you loved and translate it to your "now". We really aren't an apron-wearing, cookie-baking generation; we are some of that and more.  And not all mothers are created equal. (I never was a "soccer mom", and although I did attend the events and I tried, I just never did blend with the mini-van set.)

But Mark and I watched movies ad nauseam, hung out, voiced our wildest dreams daily, and thus established a habit we still keep, but not daily anymore because he's 33, lives 3,000 miles away and is the fab husband and father of 3. Somehow, through my Mom's very unconventional bonding techniques, I developed my own meaningful ones with Mark- and they REALLY worked. We are very close. I'm always the 2nd person to get breaking revelations, news, dreams and streams-of-consciousness, after his wife, Sarah, of course.

We sky dived. We Alaskan cruised (and sat in our cabin watching Crouching Tiger over and over). We created memories. What memories are you creating with your child? I invite you to a complimentary replay of my teleclass, How To Create Your Own Lasting Bond with Your Child -- 30 minutes of creativity and inspiration.  Click here to register.

Aloha, Lorraine Pursell, The Parent Mentor,



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Listen: 12 Secrets to Safe, Happy and Confident Kids in the 21st Century!

  Facebook thinks I Read Spanish and Other Musings About Modern Life...

(Photos General) SukiRedHead_138.jpgHola...

For months now I have been getting e-mails from Facebook, recommending I add as friends people I have never met. People whose first language is Spanish. People who don't even live in the same country as me.

OK, I speak passable caveman Spanish. I can read and understand, but when I go to speak, all I can think is French. Or German. Or how to say "hello" in Thai. I think they call this tongue-tied.

Also....


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  Science with Christine: Wrinkly Fingers in the Bathtub

(Photos General) wrinklyfingers2.jpgScientists are just ordinary people. They just find a way to answer questions that everyone asks. Why do our fingers get so wrinkly after we spend lots of time in water? There has been an assumed answer. Osmosis just allowed a bunch of water under our skin, so it was just a skin characteristic. But - just a few years ago scientists found that a nerve specifically triggers to allow the water to enter. If our body actively promotes water there should be a reason.

One reason has been found.

A new study has found that wrinkly fingers allow better finger manipulation underwater. It doesn't improve above-water finger use. Did our bodies do so much under-water stuff that we adapted this technique? There are some anthropologists that believe our ancestors got early proteins from shellfish and easy to grab fish. Interesting idea.

This may not be the real answer, or there may be additional reasons. This is a brand-new area of research and maybe not too important. Although it seems pretty unimportant, this kind of research could lead to something like helping reduce sodium concentrations in our bodies and getting rid of heart attacks. You never know.

Funny thing. I wrote about this because I thought it was obscure. Now I see it is all over the Net.

More Science Fun with Christine

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 42nd Street Musical, All About Theatre's 10th Anniversary Production!
(Logos Event Calendar) AllAboutTheatre_42ndSt.jpgCome! Be entertained by All About Theatre's uniquely talented cast of characters, ages 9-13, who will perform the toe tapping, show stopping 42nd Street musical!
Jan 18 - 27 from 7-9pm & Sun, Jan. 27, 2-4pm
$16/general admission, $12 students/seniors, $20 reserved
Louden Nelson Theater

Based on the 1933 Busby Berkeley movie musical, 42nd Street is the story of a starry-eyed chorus girl with hopes of making it big on Broadway. In the depths of the Great Depression, the Great White Way's most brilliant director, Julian Marsh, is preparing his biggest show yet, Pretty Lady. He is faced with one obstacle after another, culminating with aging leading lady Dorothy Brock breaking her ankle as the show is about to open. Thrust into the spotlight is young Peggy Sawyer, a chorus girl from Allentown, PA. Peggy is young, beautiful and talented...but can she overcome her nerves to deliver the performance of a lifetime and save Pretty Lady from its uncertain fate?

This big, bold, glitzy musical celebrates the stuff that dreams are made of as well as the dreams of performers everywhere. With a book by Michael Stewart and Mark Bramble, music by Harry Warren and lyrics by Al Dubin, the memorable score includes We're in the Money, Shuffle off to Buffalo, Dames, You're Getting to be a Habit With Me, Lullaby of Broadway, and of course, 42nd Street.

Get your tickets
and experience 42nd Street: Broadway's Song and Dance Extravaganza!!

Louden Nelson Theater, 301 Center St, Santa Cruz Map  •website Santa Cruz 

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Meet the Artist: Brad Burkhart
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  Meet the Artist: Brad Burkhart
Sierra Azul Nursery
Date: 08/04/2018 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Details: Beautiful sculpture amidst beautiful gardens
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Getting History Right
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Santa Cruz Chocolate Festival
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  Santa Cruz Chocolate Festival
UCSC Women's Club
Date: 01/17/2016 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Ages: All ages
Details: Chocolate vendors are preparing to nourish your souls and treat your taste buds with their culinary delights.
Special Instructions: 6 tastings for $15
City: Santa Cruz Phone: (831) 426-0626 view all details >>
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