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Summer, Glorious Summer
May 19, 2011

Day Camps
Getting Ready!

Sports Camps

A Letter from A Camper
Art, Dance, Theater
Summer Safety

Specialty & Overnight Camps

This Week
Beach Boardwalk Band Concerts
Summer Movie Chatter
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(Icons/Graphics) CampScene140.jpgDear Parents,

When we look at all the wonderful camps and summer classes we think fondly of the summers of our youth and just a little wistfully wish we were kids once more. 

Only two weeks until summer camps and classes begin!  Don't panic if you have not made plans.  Local camps welcome your inquiries even if they are full.  If there's a program you really like, ask to be put on the waiting list.

Camp is about experiencing something new, creating memories and making new friends. Most camps are offered on a weekly basis and some offer a daily rate. Many offer scholarships for families in need. Children as young as 3 can enjoy half day and full day programs and teens can find day, overnight camps, counselor in training (CIT) programs.

There are hundreds of camps and classes in Santa Cruz and you can find all of them on  Also, you will be able to link to this Camp Guide from our homepage all summer!

Go online to our A-Z SUMMER CAMP DIRECTORY to find detailed descriptions and contact information.

Plan your summer using our CAMP CALENDAR. Camp directors have posted delightful details for you. Select the dates you want, category and ages and find out which camps are available during that time.

If you know of one that is not here, let us know, please! Click on the camp ads below to reach their websites and you will be delighted with the quality programs available. 

Use our PARENT PLANNER to make your camp list. Check the box next to each camp and then click parent planner and you can email the list to yourself and others or you can print it. (There is a check box next to every resource listing and every calendar event.)

Have fun planning a great summer! Parmalee

(Business Logos) NewLeafwidewithaddresses.jpg (Site Photos) FruitStrawberries1.jpgSend them to camp with a delicious lunch!
  Day Camps
(Ads Camp 2011) TheMadMolecule_2011.jpg  (Ads Camp 2011) GirlsMovingForward_Camp2011.jpg (Ads Camp 2011) AuntieWendis_Summer2011.jpg
(Camp Ads 2011) SCCountyParks_Summer2011.jpg  (Camp Ads 2011) SaintAndrewsMusic_Summer2011.jpg (Camp Ads 2011) CampSeascape_2011.jpg
 (Ads Camp 2011) Kennolyn_Camp_2011.jpg

(Camp Ads 2011) PeacefulValley_2011.jpg

(Camp Ads 2011) AptosAcademy_SummerAdventures-2011.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) WaldorfSummer2010fixed.jpg

(Camp Ads 2011) MountMadonnaCamp2011.jpg

(Camp Ads 2011) NaturesApprentice_Summer2011.jpg

 (Ads Camp 2011) CampFlip_Summer2011_Boy.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) SCMontessoriSummer2010_April2.jpg

(Camp Ads 2011) SpringHillAdventureCamp_2011.jpg

(Ads Camp 2011) GatewaySummer_2011_728x180.jpg

  Getting Ready!
Day Camper's Backpack(Icons/Graphics) BeachGear.jpg
All items should be labeled with your camper's name.

Swimsuit, towel in "zip lock"
Sunscreen (apply first coat at home) & sunglasses
Swim goggles and/or earplugs
Light jacket
Spare shorts, t-shirt, socks & unders in a "zip lock"
Lunch -Ask if it will be refrigerated.
Water bottle
Ask about cell phone policy.

What to Wear
Dress for comfort and safety. Expect to get dirty; wear "old clothes" and
Sneakers -no sport sandals or open-toed shoes

A Typical "Do Not Bring" List

Expensive clothing
Cell phones
Pocket video games
MP3 players
Trading cards
Silly Bandz
(Icons/Graphics) NoCellPhone.jpgJewelry
Sports equipment
Other valuables

(Business Logos) Palace_ColoredPencils.jpg

(Business Logos) PalaceLogo.jpg

Irresistible Art Supplies for Your Summer Art Projects

1407 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz   ~   1501-K 41st Avenue, Capitola

  Sports Camps
 (Ads Camp 2011) VigneFarms_PegasushorseCamp2011.jpg  (Ads Camp 2011) BasketballJones.jpg  (Ads Camp 2011) HorseandHeart_Summer2011_180.jpg

(Camp Ads 2011) SeahorseSwimSchool2011.jpg

(Ads Camp 2011) CampFlip_Summer2011_Girl.jpg

(Ads Camp 2011) Catalyst_SC_Summer2011.jpg

(Ads Camp 2011) SCSoccer_Summer2011.jpg

(Ads Camp 2011) AdventureHorses_PleasantValley.jpg

(Camp Ads 2011) AdventureSports_Summer2011.jpg
(Camp Ads 2011) SoquelSportsCamp_2011.jpg

(Camp Ads 2008-09) jntqfg_SailingUCSC.jpg

(Camp Ads 2011) PacificEdge.jpg
(Camp Ads 2011) CabrilloSwimSchool_Summer2011.jpg

 Swimming Pools

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Holes


(Site Photos) Swimming_JumpingKids.jpg


(Ads Camp 2011) WillowPond_Summer2011.jpg

(Camp Ads 2011) Montevista_2011_728.jpg


(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) ChefLady2.jpg

Stay a little longer at the beach...
because dinner is ready!

Complete meals delivered to your door!

Never be without a prep-free evening! Order several dinners.             429.1390

(Business Logos) FreshPrepLogo.jpg
  A Letter from A Camper

Dear "Staff", All of You!

I attended camp for the first time this year and it was one of the best experiences I've had. I learned to tolerate people whom I had a difficult time with (even found out I liked some of them). I pushed my body farther then I ever get the chance to in the paved and leveled world I live in and I became more comfortable with myself and others.

I wish I could think of a word that would express how grateful I am that you made those amazing two weeks possible for myself and other campers. My dad picked me up so I didn't get to ride the bus home. On my drive home my friends and I were sitting in the truck in silence (which for a group of four 13/14 year old, talkative girls is unusual, to say the least). And then I began to cry, camp had been everything I wanted and more. I made more friends in two weeks then I normally do in a semester of school.

I learned the value of simplicity. I would miss the staff, my counselors, my friends, the wildlife (aside from the evil squirrel we met on the Girls Getaway hike). I would miss screaming goodnight and good morning to Lake Tribes 1, 3, and 4 and singing and laughing during campfire.

I would miss waiting with other kids for the blue basket and the joy of reaching the top of a ridge even if I was the last one up. I was also crying because, as cheesy as it sounds I felt a definite sense of fulfillment. Then I looked over at the other three girls and saw that they were also crying.

Since we've been back from camp we've discussed how shocking it was that spending two weeks in the woods without flushing toilets would end up being the best part of our year. We all hope to get camperships next year so we can come again (this time drag my younger brother along).

Thank you for all the hard work that makes the camp such an amazing place.
Sam, 3rd session

"Sam" was a camper at Camp Unalayee last summer.  She's returning this summer!

  Art, Dance, Theater

(Camp Ads 2011) ArtFactory_Summer2011.jpg

(Ads) Motion_Pacific.jpg

(Camp Ads 2011) West_Summer2011.jpg

 (Camp Ads 2010) MountainArtsCenterSummerCamp.jpg

(Business Logos) InternationalAcademyofDance_Logo.jpg

Welcome to
International Academy of Dance
where we...
Dance for the Joy of It

(Site Photos) InternationalAcademyofDance_ballet.jpg

Camps & Ongoing Classes
320 Encinal St, Santa Cruz

(Camp Ads 2011) Drawn2Art_Summer2011.jpg

  Summer Safety

Over the years of my emergency and urgent-care career, I've dealt with many injuries and illnesses seen commonly during the summer. I'd like to share some of my thoughts on making this a safe season for everyone.

(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) BeachMomDaughter.jpg**Sunscreen: Almost everyone who spends time out in the sun must wear sunscreen to block the damaging effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays on our sensitive skin. Use a sunscreen that offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays and has an SPF rating of at least 30. Apply it liberally and often - at least every two hours. Parents, protect your children's precious skin.

**Insects: Beware of the many summer bugs lurking out there. For mosquito protection, use a repellent that contains DEET, which, when used as directed, is safe for adults and children older than 2 months.

Regarding stinging insects such as yellowjackets, wasps and honeybees, avoid them if they are nearby. If you are stung by a honey bee, which is the only stinging insect that leaves a stinger behind in the skin, remove it as quickly as possible, by any means possible. It is now deemed OK to pull it out with your fingers and not waste time finding something with which to scrape it off. Immediately apply ice to the sting.

When out in a wooded or grassy area, always check your entire body for ticks when you get home. If you find one, remove it as soon as possible by getting a pair of tweezers, grabbing the tick close to the skin and pulling it straight out.

**Poison oak: The best protection is to recognize it and avoid it. If you touch poison oak with your skin, clothing (including shoes and shoe laces) or garden tools, wash them immediately with soap and water. Poison oak oil must be washed off the skin within a few minutes to avoid the dreaded rash. Remember, all parts of the poison oak plant contain the nasty oil, including the leaves, branches and roots.

**Heat: Heat exhaustion is evidenced by extreme sweating, fatigue and cramps. Heat stroke (a life-threatening condition) is characterized by lack of sweating; red, hot skin; and a very high body temperature. Both conditions can usually be prevented by drinking plenty of liquids and avoiding direct sun as much as possible, especially between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

**Water safety: About 4,000 Americans drown every year - and men are four times more likely to drown than women. Alcohol is frequently involved. Make sure children are supervised in the water every single minute. Watch out for rapid currents, riptides and rocks, and always be aware of your surroundings.

Boat injuries claim another 700 lives a year. Drive your boat sensibly, have enough life preservers on board, and do not drink alcohol and drive.

**Bicycling: Wear a helmet! No matter how obvious this bit of advice is, I still see people riding without a helmet, and I cringe when I see children without this life-saving protection. Head injuries are often very serious, if not deadly, and are inexcusable for lack of a helmet. Be aware of your surroundings, and be in control of your bike at all times. Don't take foolish chances.

**Eating: Summer picnics can be a common source of food poisoning, manifested by vomiting or diarrhea. Food left out too long is the usual culprit. Handling uncooked chicken or eating undercooked chicken is also a common source of illness.

**Driving: We all drive more during the summer. The cheapest form of life insurance while you are in a car is the good old seat belt. Wear it! Also, make sure children are in proper, age-appropriate car seats. Hand-held cell phone use while driving your car is a significant cause of accidents and is now illegal.

Have a very enjoyable - and very safe - summer.

Terry Hollenbeck, MD, practices in Scotts Valley and blogs on Valley Doctor.


(Ads) SantaCruzRollerPalladium_728.jpg

  Specialty & Overnight Camps

(Ads Camp 2011) CampUnalayee_2011Ad.jpg

 (Ads Camp 2011) NewLeaf_Classes.jpg  (Ads Camp 2011) Montevista_2011_180Trailriders.jpg

(Ads) ClubZTutoring.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) ChartwellSummer.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) PediatricTherapy2010_180.jpg

(Ads Camp 2011) OutdoorScienceSummer2011.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) MissionSprings-FrontierRanch.jpg

(Camp Ads 2010) GirlScouts2010.jpg


(Ads) SantaCruzNannies_728.jpg

  This Week

Event Calendar(Ads) SantaCruzParentCamp.jpgBelow is a selection of SUMMER FESTIVALS so be sure to click on our EVENT CALENDAR 
to find upcoming weekend events ->


(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) Text_Camp_Directory.jpg

Arts & Performing Arts
All About Theatre

Art Factory
Ben Jammin Santa Cruz Academy of Performing Arts


International Academy of Dance
Kids on Broadway
Motion Pacific Dance

Mountains Art Center Camp
Museum of Art & History
Musical Me
Santa Cruz Mountain Arts

St. Andrews Summer Music Camp
The Studio Palette
WEST Performing Arts

Day Camps
Aptos Academy Summer Adventure

Auntie Wendi's Summer

Boys and Girls Club
Camp Hammer

Camp Seascape
Camp Wonderworks

Gateway Summer Camp

Girls moving Forward
Glen Arbor Camp


Montessori Scotts Valley
Mount Madonna

Orchard Performing Arts

Peaceful Valley Farm Camp
Santa Cruz Montessori

Santa Cruz City Parks & Rec

Santa Cruz County Parks & Rec

Santa Cruz Waldorf
Tara Redwood School


Overnight Camps

Camp Hammer

Camp Koinonia

Camp Unalayee

Frontier Camp

Kennolyn Camp


Science Camps
Life Lab Science
Outdoor Science Fun
Seymour Center
Camp SEA Lab

Mad Molecule Summer Camp


Specialty Camps
Aux Tois Pommes
Camp Krem
Chartwell School

Frontier Ranch

Pediatric Therapy


Basketball Jones Hoop Camp

Camp Flip at Santa Cruz Sports Central
Catalyst Soccer
June Bug's Gym
Mantis Martial Arts

Horse and Heart

Monte Vista Horsemanship
Pacific Edge Climbing Gym

Pegasus Horse Camp

Pleasant Valley Horse Club
Rod Sanford's Martial Arts

Santa Cruz Soccer Camp

Soquel Sports Camp

Adventure Sports Unlimited
Cabrillo Swim School
Cougar Swim School
Jim Booth Swim School
Seahorse Swim School

Simpkins Swim Center

Advanced Interactive Tutoring
Club Z! In-Home Tutoring  

Don Mordasini M.A., M.F.T


Preschool Camps

Bayside Baptist

Capitola Sonshine
Coastal Community
Early Childhood Learning Center
El JardinBilingual Parent Co-op

Holy Cross

Nature's Apprentice
Scotts Valley Children's Center

Simcha Preschool
The Village Preschool

(Site Photos) Dog_camping.jpg

 Beach Boardwalk Band Concerts
(Ads) BeachBoardwalkBandNights.jpg

June 17
Sept 2



Artichoke Festival
click to view website
  Artichoke Festival
Castroville Artichoke Festival
Date: Every day (Jun 1-Jun 2)
Details: Artichokes fried, sauteed, grilled, marinated, pickled, fresh, and creamed in soup and much more!
City: Monterey Phone: 831-633-3465 view all details >>
Santa Cruz Blues Festival
click to view website
  Santa Cruz Blues Festival
Santa Cruz Blues Festival
Date: Every day (May 24-May 25) from 10:00am to 10:00pm
Details: The music is strong from start to finish
City: Aptos view all details >>
Camps and Summer Festivals
click to view website
  Camps and Summer Festivals
view all details >>
California Rodeo Salinas
click to view website
  California Rodeo Salinas
California Rodeo
Date: Every day (Jul 18-Jul 21)
Ages: All
Details: 2018 California Rodeo... Cowgirl and Cowboy Up!
City: Salinas Phone: (831)775-3100 view all details >>
The Gilroy Garlic Festival
click to view website
  The Gilroy Garlic Festival
Gilroy Garlic Festival
Date: Every day (Jul 26-Jul 28)
Ages: All
Details: "Ultimate Summer Food Fair"; three days of incredible food, beverages, arts & crafts, live entertainment and
Special Instructions: Santa Teresa Blvd & Club Dr
City: Gilroy Phone: 408-846-6886 view all details >>
Steinbeck Festival
click to view website
  Steinbeck Festival
Steinbeck Festival
Date: Every day (May 3-May 5)
Details: The 33rd Annual Steinbeck Festival is Old Home Week for Steinbeck lovers from across the world and down the street.
City: Salinas Phone: 831.775.4726 view all details >>
Monterey Bay Strawberry Festival
click to view website
  Monterey Bay Strawberry Festival
City of Watsonville
Date: Every day (Aug 4-Aug 5) from 10:00am to 7:00pm
Details: Strawberries, music, food and strawberries every way you can imagine
City: Watsonville Phone: 831-768-3240 view all details >>
Camps and Summer Festivals
click to view website
  Camps and Summer Festivals
view all details >>
Aloha Outrigger Races and Polynesian Festival
click to view website
  Aloha Outrigger Races and Polynesian Festival
City of Santa Cruz
Date: 08/18/2019 from 8:00am to 5:00pm
Details: Discover the excitement of outrigger canoe racing, taste of the tropics- fresh flower leis, Hawaiian shaved ice, Maori face pain
City: Santa Cruz Phone: 831-420-5273 view all details >>
Camps and Summer Festivals
click to view website
  Camps and Summer Festivals
view all details >>
  Summer Movie Chatter

(Products/Books) Movie_KungFuPanda_KaboomofDoom.jpgKUNG FU PANDA: THE KABOOM OF DOOM
The third of DreamWorks' animated hits to be franchised, following in the footsteps of Shrek and Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda 2 has Jack Black returning to voice Po, with Angelina Jolie and Dustin Hoffman also on voicing duties. If it hits, expect Kung Fu Panda 3 to follow in 2014...
June 3

(Products/Books) Movie_GreenLantern.jpgGREEN LANTERN
Ryan Reynolds takes the first of a pair of leading roles in comic book movies - with X-Men spin-off Deadpool in the offing - as he steps into the title role of Green Lantern. Also on board are Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Tim Robbins and Angela Bassett, and it's Martin Campbell that's calling the shots. If it's the Campbell who delivered the two best Bond films of recent times - as well as The Mask Of Zorro - that's been turning up to work, then this really could be a treat.
June 17

(Products/Books) Movie_CarsII_WorldGrandPrix.jpgCARS 2: WORLD GRAND PRIX
After some confusion when it had been suggested that the Cars sequel was being knocked back six months, it turned out that wasn't the case at all, and that Pixar's second consecutive sequel is revving up on the grid for June 2011. It's an interesting one, this. Cars is generally regarded, with some justification, as Pixar's weakest film. Yet, in terms of the amount of toy sales it generates, with revenues heading into the billions, a sequel became inevitable. This time, Lightning McQueen is heading off to race around the world, with Mater in tow. Rumours suggest that John Lasseter has taken a hands-on role with the film in the last few months, too.
June 24

(Products/Books) Movie_Transformers2011.jpgTRANSFORMERS 3
Michael Bay is getting the old crowd back together - Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duhamel - to run about while big robots smash seven shades out of one another around them. Joining in the effects carnage this time are Frances McDormand and John Malkovich, although the identity of the Transformers themselves are primarily kept between Michael Bay and his hard drive right now. Bay is currently resisting plans to make the film 3D one way or another, but whether it is or isn't, this is going to be one of the very biggest films of the summer.
July 1

(Products/Books) Movie_HarryPotterandtheDeathlyHallows.jpgHARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART II
Warner Bros executives will be weeping once this one is out in the world, as it brings to an end the studio's most lucrative film franchise of all time. It's the eighth and final movie outing for Harry Potter and his Hogwarts cohorts, with David Yates calling the shots behind the camera for the third time. Expect this to make a scary amount of money, and expect Warner Bros' balance sheet to never quite be the same again. Unless it can persuade J K to write a few more books...
July 15

(Products/Books) Movie_Smurfs3D.jpgTHE SMURFS 3-D
It wouldn't be summer without some kind of talking CGI creature picture, and this time it's The Smurfs who are being digitised for a big screen outing. Raja Gosnell, who put together the first Scooby Doo movie, is at the helm, and once again humans and CGI characters will interact with, er, no doubt, very convincing results. Promisingly, Hank Azaria is on villain duties.
August 3

(Products/Books) Movie_SpyKids4.jpgSPY KIDS 4: ARMAGEDDON
The original Spy Kids trilogy delivered three big hits, and hopes are high that the fourth will follow in their path. Unsurprisingly, the film's going to be in 3D (the third one was as well), and this time it's a new bunch of Spy Kids who are being recruited for action. That smells to us like there are plans for further films beyond this one. It's not been confirmed yet if Robert Rodriguez is going to direct.
August 19

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