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Free Exposure for Camps

Children's Camp Experiences

  It's a Win-Win!

(Site Photos) Camp_bowandarrow.jpgDear Camp Directors,

We plan to focus the July 21 e-newsletter on children's local camp experiences!  We need your help. Please send us great quotes from children and photos to go with them, ONE quote and ONE photo per email so we get it right!

Let's hear it from the children -one question/answer per child! Here are a few suggested questions to get started.


  • What's your favorite activity at this camp? Why?
  • Tell me about the best friend you made.
  • What made you laugh and laugh?
  • What are you going to be when you grow up? Why?
  • What did you learn here?

(Site Photos) Camp_StreamHiking.jpgParents love it! Children love it! Camps get free exposure!  This offer is for camps listed with us (it's not too late to get started).

Deadline is July 19, 5pm for the July 21st issue.  Closeups preferred and photos should be low res and jpg format.

Questions? Call us.  Parmalee 713.7026  Desiree 345.6422  Email us.

P.S. Jessica Johnson [see below] runs Camp Millionaire for children.  She also runs Wealth Camps for adults.  Her approach is excellent. I recommend her camps!  You might even consider speaking with her about incorporating Camp Millionaire within your own program. Parmalee


(Site Photos) JessicaJohnson.jpg
Johnson Education Solutions (JES)

At JES, we provide financial education that fits real people's lives. Whether you're struggling month-to-month or want to maximize your nest egg, we provide the tools you need to make smarter financial decisions and thrive in any economy. Our dynamic financial education programs are engaging and fun. You'll learn real-life financial management strategies that quickly become healthy habitual money practices. We provide Real Financial Education for Real People at many levels of financial experience.

Wealth Camp Schedule  Call me!  440-7540  Jessica Johnson


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