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August 22, 2013
Life is a series of transitions
How American Homeschoolers Stand Up
Suki: When Little Kids Become Big Kids
A Parent Letting Go
50 Best Books for New Teachers (and Parents Who Guide Children)
Christine: How Stain Works

Lorraine: Listen
This Week
Santa Cruz Storytelling Festival
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  Life is a series of transitions

(Photos General) Goodbye_college.jpgMichael Gerson, who usually does political commentary, wrote a tender, poignant piece about the emotional impact of sending his son off to college.  In the same vein, Suki comments on the transition of little kids to big kids.  I'm sifting and sorting through years of letters and photos and using my iPhone to take photos of photos and send them to relatives.  Last week a friend and I went to visit The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.  Surprisingly interesting was an exhibit of "The Beat Generation: Photos by Allen Ginsberg".  Mr. Ginsberg took the photos he had taken of contemporaries, hand-wrote an inscription for each one and voila: an exhibit of famous and ordinary people of the period.  Wonderful as modern technology is, I was inspired to use his idea for my collection of photos, letters and mementos.  Mine will go into a scrapbook, or two or three.  Life is a series of transitions.

How we educate our children also seems to always be in transition.  Consider the growing home schooling movement, its long history and the contemporary support (or not) being given to it.  Locally both private and public schools offer support programs for home schoolers.  If we apply percents to school age children in Santa Cruz County--and this is a rough estimate based on SCCOE (86%), TopMasters (4%) and CAPSO (10%) figures-- to our local student population that means there are approximately 1,826 k-12 homeschoolers in the county, 4,566 enrolled in private schools and 39,268 enrolled in public and charter schools.  Interesting.  If you have more accurate numbers I'd like to hear from you!

Are you entering any of the Santa Cruz County Fair contests?  There's still time!

Enjoy the present! Parmalee

  How American Homeschoolers Stand Up

(Photos General) ParentingSkillsGardenSeeds.jpgOnce upon a time, all children were home schooled. But around 150 years ago states started making public school mandatory and homeschooling eventually became illegal. It wasn't until the 90's that all states made it legal again. Today, with more than 2 million homes choolers making up 4% of the school-aged population, it's the fastest growing form of education in the country.


  • 1840: 55% of children attended primary school while the rest were educated in the home or by tutors.
  • 1852: The "Common School" model became popular and Massachusetts became the first state to pass compulsory attendance law. Once compulsory attendance laws became effective, America eventually relied entirely on public and private schools for educating children. Homeschooling then became something only practiced by extremely rural families, and within Amish communities.
  • 1870: All states had free primary schools.
  • 1900: 34 states had compulsory attendance laws.
  • 1910: 72% of children attended primary school.
  • 1960: Educational reformers started questioning public schooling's methods and results.
  • 1977: "Growing Without Schooling" magazine was published, marking a shift from trying to reform public education to abandoning it.
  • 1980: Homeschooling was illegal in 30 states.
  • 1983: Changes in tax law forced many Christian Schools to close which led to soaring homeschooling rates.
  • 1993: Homeschooling become legal in all 50 states and saw annual growth rates of 15-20%.


32 states and Washington D.C. offer Virtual Public Schools - free education over the internet to homeschooling families: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, District of Columbia (DC), Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

4 States offer tax credits for homeschooling families: Iowa, Arizona, Minnesota, Illinois.

10 States don't require notification of homeschooling: Alaska, Idaho, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Connecticut.

14 States require notification of homeschooling: California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Kansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Delaware.

20 States and D.C. require notification of homeschooling, test scores and/or professional evaluation of students: Washington, Oregon, Colorado, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, New Hampshire, Maine, D.C., Hawaii.

6 States require notification of homeschooling, test scores and/or professional evaluation of students; plus other requirements like curriculum approval, parent qualification, home visits by state officials: North Dakota, Pensilvania, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rode Island.

(Photos General) Parenting_WalkingTogether.jpgNo Federal help is available to homeschooling families yet. The IRS says that homeschooling costs "are nondeductible personal, living, or family expenses."


Home schooling is the fastest growing form of education in the country.

  • 1999: 850,000 homeschoolers (1.7% of the school-aged population)
  • 2003: 1.1 million homeschoolers (2.2% of the school-aged population)
  • 2007: 1.5 million homeschoolers (2.9% of the school-aged population)
  • 2010: 2.04 million homeschoolers (4% of the school-aged population)
  • From 2007- 2009 home-schoolers increased ate a rate of 7%/year
  • From 2007- 2009 public-schoolers increased at a rate of 1%/year

Read the entire article >>>>>

  Suki: When Little Kids Become Big Kids

(Photos General) SukiWessling2013.jpgIt's not something that happens on a specific day or with any identifiable milestones. You go along for years with "little" kids, who need at first to be cared for in every way: you feed them, bathe them, dress them, soothe them, talk to them, sing to them, teach them, and amuse them.

Then as time goes on, one of these jobs will drop away. One day your toddler grabs the spoon and now all you have to do is set the food him front of him. Another day your preschooler will decide to dress herself (and you get to live with the mismatched consequences). Like magic your children learn to walk, fix their grammatical errors, and no longer need help with the remote control (that probably happened first, though).

But still, you have little kids. You always know where they are in the house even if you aren't directly taking care of them. You might still hold their hands crossing roads and help them with their seatbelts. Whenever they are not with you, you make sure that someone else is directly responsible for them.

Then one day you realize you're not exactly sure where you child is...Read more>>>>

 Suki Wessling writes about parenting, education, gifted children, and homeschooling at Avant Parenting.

  A Parent Letting Go

by Michael Gerson

WASHINGTON -- Eventually, the cosmologists assure us, our sun and all suns will consume their fuel, violently explode and then become cold and dark. Matter itself will evaporate into the void and the universe will become desolate for the rest of time.

This was the general drift of my thoughts as my wife and I recently dropped off my eldest son as a freshman at college. I put on my best face. But it is the worst thing that time has done to me so far. That moment at the dorm is implied at the kindergarten door, at the gates of summer camp, at every ritual of parting and independence. But it comes as surprising as a thief, taking what you value most.

The emotions of a parent, I can attest, are an odd mix: part pride, part resignation, part self-pity, even a bit of something that feels like grief. The experience is natural and common. And still planets are thrown off their axes...Read more

  50 Best Books for New Teachers (and Parents Who Guide Children)

(Graphics) teacherbooksmontage.jpg

  Christine: How Stain Works

(Photos General) ChristineSci_GregFrame.jpgI found out how wood stain works. This is very cool. It is very different than paint. I was motivated because my little guy helped make a frame and stained it. Of course he asked me how it worked. Of course I had to find out because I can't leave a question like that unanswered.

First of all, paint acts as a layer on top of something, like wood. Paint has minimal bonding to the surface below. It can be stripped off, so new paint can go on the same surface. Stain goes into the surface and can't be removed. Completely different mechanisms are at work.

Stain is composed of both a color component and a solvent.....  Read more>>>>>

Christine is a scientist and mom.  You can find more of her essays here.


(Ads 2013) SSDC_Banner.jpg

  Lorraine: Listen

(Photos General) LorrainePhotoforWeb.jpgWhen your child is speaking, as much as possible, stop what you are doing, turn to them and listen intently while making eye contact on their level.

It is so easy to overlook our little people, discounting them because we are busy with "important" stuff. But while we do our 'important' stuff, their life goes on. Rarely do we really FIND time to enter into their unique world. One day we may see that they have their very own important life without us because we missed the miniscule opportunities to create a lasting bond that could make all the difference in both our lives.

We cannot always drop what we are doing so say: "Sweetie, I really want to hear what you have to say- give me a hint so we remember, and I will be with you in 10 minutes.

Keep your promise! Set a timer so your child can watch the minutes wind down. Have your older child set their phone alarm or stop watch to remind you. When we keep our promises, we teach our kids to keep theirs.

Send me your results and stories:

Be ahead in the parenting game, become an insider on The Secrets to Safe, Happy and Confident Kids.

  This Week

(Graphics) EventCalendar.jpg(Ads) SantaCruzParentFacebook.jpgBelow is only a partial list of upcoming events and activities so be sure to click on our EVENT CALENDAR so you do not miss anything >>

Use the PARENT PLANNER to click on events and resources you are interested in and click PRINT MY PLANNER to print or email your list.


Salmon Fishing for Kids Only!


Santa Cruz Harbor

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(Ads 2013) AromasDay.jpg

Aromas Day

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Resources on


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 Santa Cruz Storytelling Festival

Santa Cruz Storytelling Festival 2013

Santa Cruz Waldorf School
Love stories? This is for you!  This event is perfect for listeners of ALL ages who love tales of the heart, wisdom, and adventure.
Admission Fees: $10 - $25
Special Instructions: Saturday, Aug 24 7pm & Sunday, Aug 25 11am

Saturday August 24th, Evening Storytelling Performance 7-10pm,  This performance is ideal for an audience 9 years and up.
Intermission with tea & treats

Sunday August 25th, Family Show 11am-12pm, This program is specifically designed for families with elementary aged children excited about listening to stories audience style.

Community Story Swap 12:00pm-1:00pm, Anyone can sign up to tell a story of wisdom & compassion of their own. Each Teller will be given 5-7 minutes.

Storytelling Skills PlayShop 1:30-3:30 - $25, with Sirena Andrea. For Parents, Teachers, Public speakers and anyone who loves to tell Stories. (limited space, early registration encouraged)

(Ads 2013) WaldorfStoryTellingFestival2.jpg

PICNICKING   We invite you to picnic on the grassy meadow or under a tree on the enchanting Waldorf campus. Bring beverages, bring cheese, bring dinner to share with friends. This is an opportunity to dine al fresco as we gear up for the evening's tales. Between 5:00 and 7:00 is your magic window. During intermission tea and treats are available.

SEATING  Bring blankets or pillows if you'd like to sit on the ground close to the stage, and warm layers for a cool evening in the Outdoor Theater. There will be chairs provided for general seating. This event is perfect for listeners of all ages who love tales of the heart, mysteries, and adventure. There is also a playground for those young ones who may need to live out their own adventures and unable to sit and listen quietly.

SATURDAY EVENING PERFORMANCE 7-10pm   We have an enchanting Evening Program that will have your imagination traveling around the world and landing comfortably back in your heart. This performance is ideal for an audience 9 years and up. This year we have a dynamic line-up of storytellers including Leolani Lowry, Erica Lann-Clark, Sirena Andrea, Michael Katz, Sage Lavine and Glenn Kazmierski.

SUNDAY FAMILY SHOW 11am-12pm   Our children's stories will begin at 11am on the Outdoor Stage. This program is specifically designed for families elementary aged children
excited about listening to stories of the heart with music and lots of laughter. There is a playground near by for any child who needs to play out their own adventure and unable to sit and listen. Every story told here will be appropriate for all aged children.

SUNDAY COMMUNITY STORY SWAP 12-1pm - ALL AGES WELCOME!  The Story Swap begins at 12:00 Sunday on the main stage, hosted by the imaginative Daniel Bittleston. Here anyone inspired to give their imagination a voice can sign up to tell a story of compassion and wisdom their own! Each participant will be given 5-7 minutes to tell.

STORYTELLING SKILLS PLAYSHOP 1:30 - 3:30PM  We are so excited to be offering a PlayShop packed with take home skills in the realm of storytelling. Perfect for anyone who loves to tell or wants to gain confidence in telling stories to your children, friends, clients, or on stage.

Ideal for parents, teachers, councilors, public speakers and future festival storytellers. Join Sirena Andrea Artistic Director of the Santa Cruz Storytelling Festival in this two hour experiential PlayShop.

Location: Santa Cruz Waldorf School, 2190 Empire Grade Road, Santa Cruz Map
Phone: (831) 425-0519 •website Santa Cruz

Kid Salmon Fishing Opportunity
click to view website
  Kid Salmon Fishing Opportunity
Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout
Date: Every day (Aug 15-Aug 31)
Details: kids salmon fishing opportunity on even numbered days
Special Instructions: Back Harbor area only
City: Santa Cruz Phone: (831) 475-6161 view all details >>
WPENS Open House
click to view website
  WPENS Open House
Westside Parent Education Nursery School
Date: 03/20/2017 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Ages: All Ages
Details: Learn about this much-loved parent preschool co-op
City: Santa Cruz Phone: (831) 334-3368 view all details >>
California Turkish Arts & Culture Festival
click to view website
  California Turkish Arts & Culture Festival
Turkish American Association of California
Date: Every day (Aug 23-Aug 24) from 11:00am to 7:00pm
Details: Turkish culture on display
City: Monterey view all details >>
Farm Dinner
click to view website
  Farm Dinner
Route 1 Farms
Date: 06/25/2017 from 4:00pm to 8:30pm
Details: Join us in our fields and orchards for a series of magical evenings of fine food, drinks, friends and beauty.
City: Davenport Phone: (831) 427-2288 view all details >>
 New IMAX film: “America’s Musical Journey”  “America’s Musical
click to view website
The Tech Museum
Date: Every day from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Details: "America's Musical Journey" celebrates the diverse music and creative risk-taking spirit that characterize America.
City: San Jose Phone: (408) 294-8324 view all details >>
A Series of Transitions
click to view website
  A Series of Transitions
view all details >>
A Series of Transitions
click to view website
  A Series of Transitions
view all details >>
Aromas Day in the Country
click to view website
  Aromas Day in the Country
City of Aromas
Date: 08/27/2017 from 7:00am to 4:00pm
Details: Aromas Day is a day of fun for everyone with live music all day, wonderful food, lots of goodies to find in our vendor booths an
City: Aromas Phone: 831-277-8194 view all details >>
A Series of Transitions
click to view website
  A Series of Transitions
view all details >>
Girl Scout Overnight
click to view website
  Girl Scout Overnight
Beach Boardwalk
Date: Every day (Mar 14-Mar 15)
Details: If you're a Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette or Senior - Come out and join the fun!
City: Santa Cruz Phone: 831) 423-5590 view all details >>
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