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April 12, 2018

Family Fun at 12th Annual Summit for the Planet

Ask Nicole: Genuine Praise

Vigilantes in Pink

Fun Events!
Ask Nicole: 30 Ways to Praise
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(0 April 2018) FacePainting5.jpgKids Day Downtown Santa Cruz is back on Sunday with all sorts of free actvities, performances, face painting, and treasure hunt for children, also information for parents and an all around good time. Kites are the theme for Ag History's 2nd Saturday.

The Watsonville Film Festival has some provocative films by women, especially Pink Saris tonight! Go!!

Looking forward, save Saturday, April 27 for the Summit for the Planet at Mount Madonna School.  It's fun and educational.

Santa Cruz County has a rich variety of educational options. Many private, public and charter schools and home schools incorporate cutting edge programs based on sound research. There's a new school in town, with a tested, proven curriculum. Check it out as you visit consider your options. There is a good fit for everyone.

(0 April 2018) Arboretum_pring-plant-banner-.jpgIf you like exotic, colorful flowering plants, run to the Arboretum's Spring Plant Sale.

Enjoy the sunny, spring weekend with the family! Parmalee


(0 March 2018) MMS_Mar29andApr5.jpg

  Family Fun at 12th Annual Summit for the Planet

Earth Day Celebration and Eco-Carnival

(0 April 2018) Summit_ManOwl.jpgFrom barn owls and bearded dragons to California kingsnakes and turkey vultures, the opportunity to get up close and hands-on with wildlife at the Summit for the Planet event is always a huge draw. Children and adults alike seem to enjoy the many birds, reptiles and amphibians shared by the Bay Area Amphibian and Reptile Society (BAARS) and Wildlife Education Rehabilitation Center (WERC), two participants in this community eco-festival.  

Come and check out the wildlife and many kid-friendly activities at the upcoming 12th annual Summit for the Planet eco-carnival and Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 28. Hosted by Mount Madonna School, this FREE public event features kids' games, face painting, live wildlife and reptile exhibits, pony rides, music and food.

(0 April 2018) Summit_Horses.jpgFestivities will begin at 11:00am with an array of fun eco-carnival games, tasty foods, exhibits and activities. Free e-waste recycling is also offered (no alkaline batteries or large appliances). The event concludes at 1:30pm.

"Summit for the Planet is an event that simultaneously raises money for our school, so that MMS can make its students happy by keeping classes like physical education and going on many field trips, and it also teaches people and students about how to help the environment," said seventh grader Mariah Cohen. "It's a way for teachers to teach their students how to recycle things and re-purpose them to help our earth. For example, instead of buying all new clothes and wasting our materials on clothing, Summit for the Planet includes a Trash Fashion show where the students are allowed to use old plastics, papers or other materials they find in the recycling bin, and turn them into wearable fashion pieces!"

The celebration will spotlight environmental education, and participants will include All Goods Electronics E-Waste Recycling & Surplus, Mt. Madonna Stables, India Gourmet, Marianne's Ice Cream, Fired Up Fresh wood-fired pizza, and World Centric. Attendance at this annual event has grown to some 500 people of all ages, from across south Santa Clara County and the Monterey Bay areas.

"World Centric is a compostable products company that strives to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability," said a company spokesperson. "In addition to offsetting all carbon emissions, World Centric donates 25% of pre-tax profits to grassroots organizations focused on social and environmental change."

The support of key sponsors for Summit for the Planet is very important for sustaining and growing this festival, and event organizers are honored that numerous local businesses are participating, including presenting sponsors SunRidge Farms, the Michael Lee Environmental Foundation (MLEF), and Lazy Suzan Designs. Additional community sponsors include: KAZU 90.3FM,, Morgan Hill Life, Gilroy Life, and the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

(0 April 2018) Summit_BoyRunner.jpg"The annual Summit for the Planet connects the MMS school community with local organizations and businesses supporting the environment and teaching young people the importance of stewardship," commented Head of School Mary Supriya McDonald. "It's a day of play and fun for families and all the visitors who join us on the mountaintop."

Things to know when you go:
April 28 from 11:00am-1:30pm.

Hosted by Mount Madonna School, 491 Summit Road, Mount Madonna, located 2.5 miles off of Hwy. 152, between Gilroy and Watsonville.

FREE admission.

For more information visit:



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  Ask Nicole: Genuine Praise

By Nicole M. Young, MSW

In my line of work, I often hear people describe two communication patterns they've noticed in the workplace: 1) they have a hard time saying positive things about themselves, and 2) they tend to hear more "constructive criticism" than genuine praise and positive feedback from their colleagues. The two patterns are usually related and exist for many complicated reasons. The combined effect of these patterns is often insecurity, fear of failure, misunderstandings, and conflict in the workplace.

(0 April 2018) Praise.jpgIt makes me wonder why it's hard for some people to give and receive authentic praise. Hearing positive, encouraging words can be food for the soul, and it seems like we should be giving each other more praise versus less, starting with children. Giving intentional and appropriate praise is a vital part of raising confident, motivated, resilient children who grow up to be confident, capable, motivated adults who can think and talk positively about themselves and others.

In recognition of April being the Month of the Young Child and Child Abuse Prevention Month, I'm answering the reader's question by sharing 30 Ways to Praise. Mix, match and tailor the phrases to fit specific behaviors, skills or traits that you're encouraging your child or teen (or partner) to develop.

Dear Nicole, There's an ongoing debate among my friends about whether kids get too much or not enough praise. I'm in the camp that believes you can never praise too much, while some of my friends believe that praise can actually be bad for kids. I find that hard to believe. What do you think?   Alana

Dear Alana, Good question! You're right that there are a variety of opinions and beliefs about praising children. In the Triple P program, Descriptive Praise is a strategy that's used to encourage positive behaviors by acknowledging children's efforts or accomplishments. When used in combination with other positive parenting strategies, praise strengthens parent-child relationships and builds children's confidence and self-esteem.

Although general praise statements like "Good job" are common (and not automatically harmful, by the way), praise tends to be even more effective when:

  • It describes a specific behavior, skill, or characteristic - like following directions or being kind - that children are working on developing. This lets children know what they're doing well so they can repeat it in the future.
  • It focuses on the positive - "Thank you for cooperating with each other" - instead of bringing up a past problem - "It's nice to see you two finally getting along."
  • It's said with enthusiasm and sincerity. Giving fake or overblown praise makes it meaningless and can weaken the effect of genuine praise.

Here are 30 ideas for giving general or descriptive praise, one idea for each day of the month >>>>>

Nicole Young is the mother of two children, ages 14 and 18, who also manages Santa Cruz County's Triple P - Positive Parenting Program, the world's leading positive parenting program. Scientifically proven, Triple P is made available locally by First 5 Santa Cruz County, the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency (Mental Health Services Act) and the Santa Cruz County Human Services Department. To find a Triple P parenting class or practitioner, visit


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  Vigilantes in Pink

PINK SARIS, Thursday, April 12, 7pm
Special Guest: Director Sadia Halima

(0 April 2018) PinkSaries.jpg"A girl's life is cruel... A woman's life is very cruel," notes Sampat Pal, the protagonist of PINK SARIS. Sampat was married as a young girl into a family that made her work hard and beat her. But she fought back, leaving her in-laws and eventually becoming a champion for young women in Uttar Pradesh. These young women, frightened and desperate, reach out for their only hope: Sampat Pal and her Gulabi Gang, India's vigilantes in pink.

A film by Sundance award-winning director Kim Longinotto.

Accompanying Short Film: LAAL PARI (The Red Fairy)
Laal Pari is a self-motivated, self-taught, elected village council leader in Bihar, India, who is fighting to change the playing field for women's participation in politics.

Watsonville Film Festival: Women by Women Series

410 Rodriguez St, Watsonville  Tickets $8 at the door, Children Free


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  Fun Events!
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Mount Madonna School Pre-K-12, Art & Play in Pre & K: Teddy Bear Day 4/13


Gateway School K-8, School Day Tour 4/17


Mount Madonna School Pre-K-12, Campus Tour 4/18


Santa Cruz Waldorf School Pre-8, Walk Through the Grades 4/19



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Santa Cruz Premiere

Evolution of Organic

by Mark Kitchell

(0 April 2018) organicfarming.jpg

Learn how organic ag developed from  hippie dreams to a major consumer preference.

Speakers & Q&A follow the film.

A BENEFIT FOR Homeless Garden Project,

Community Agroecology Network (CAN)

Mesa Verde Gardens

Veterans Memorial Building
Fri 4/13 6-9pm

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(0 April 2018) Dog_BabyDachsund.jpg

Crab Feed is Back
click to view website
  Crab Feed is Back
Boulder Creek Fire Station
Date: 04/13/2018 from 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Ages: All
Details: Proceeds go towards the purchase of Rescue and Medical equipment.
City: Boulder Creek Phone: (831) 338-7222 view all details >>
Love Wins! 5K
click to view website
  Love Wins! 5K
Live Like Coco
Date: 04/14/2018 at 9:00am
Details: Kids 12 and under can participate in a free 1K, and earn a free book for finishing!
City: Watsonville view all details >>
Grand Opening of Joe & Linda Aliberti Clubhouse
click to view website
  Grand Opening of Joe & Linda Aliberti Clubhouse
Boys and Girls Club of Santa Cruz
Date: 04/14/2018 from 11:00am to 3:00pm
Ages: All
City: Scotts Valley Phone: (831) 423-3138 view all details >>
Kids Day 2018
click to view website
  Kids Day 2018
Downtown Association
Date: 04/15/2018 from 11:00am to 5:00pm
Ages: all
Details: A fun day of performances, activities, face painting, treasure hunts, and more!
Special Instructions: Visit downtown info kiosk for questions
City: Santa Cruz view all details >>
Kite Saturday on the Farm
click to view website
  Kite Saturday on the Farm
Ag History Project
Date: 04/14/2018 from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Ages: All
Details: Come fly a kite Saturday!
City: Watsonville Phone: 831-728-5898 view all details >>
Love Wins! 5K
click to view website
  Love Wins! 5K
Live Like Coco
Date: 04/14/2018 at 9:00am
Details: Kids 12 and under can participate in a free 1K, and earn a free book for finishing!
City: Watsonville view all details >>
Phenology Walk
click to view website
  Phenology Walk
Date: 04/15/2018 from 11:00am to 1:00pm
Details: Study the science of the seasons: be a part of a national effort to monitor the effects of climate change.
Special Instructions: $5 for Adults and $2 for Children (6 to 17 years old), and free under 6
City: Santa Cruz Phone: 831.427.2998 view all details >>
All Means All: Positive Discipline for Children w/Special Needs
click to view website
  All Means All: Positive Discipline for Children w/Special Needs
Positive Discipline Community Resources
Date: 04/14/2018 from 9:00am to 4:00pm
Ages: Adults
Details: All Means All: Positive Discipline for Children w/Special Needs
City: Aptos Phone: (831) 476-7284 view all details >>
Coastal Wilflower Day
click to view website
  Coastal Wilflower Day
State Park Francis
Date: 04/14/2018 from 10:00am to 4:00pm
Details: Live music, dance performances, food truck, artwork, games and educational activities for youth, guided nature walks, resources
City: Half Moon Bay Phone: (650) 726-8814 view all details >>
Women by Women Film Series
click to view website
  Women by Women Film Series
Watsonville Film Series
Date: The 2nd Th of every month (Mar 8-Jun 14) at 7:00pm
Details: Join us for a series of powerful films by and about women!
City: Watsonville view all details >>
Science Sunday
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  Science Sunday
Seymour Marine Discovery Center (at Long Marine Lab)
Date: 04/15/2018 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Ages: ALL
Details: Masters of Concealment, secretive cougars
City: Santa Cruz Phone: (831) 459-3800 view all details >>
Does your child enjoy art? Science?
click to view website
  Does your child enjoy art? Science?
Library Scotts Valley
Date: The 3rd Wed of every month (Jan 17-May 16) from 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Details: Kids ages 6-10 are invited to craft with Anna and learn about the relationship between art and science.
City: Scotts Valley Phone: (831) 210-6551 view all details >>
30th Annual Santa Cruz Bonsai
click to view website
  30th Annual Santa Cruz Bonsai
Santa Cruz Bonsai
Date: Every day (Apr 14-Apr 15) from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Ages: all
Details: Come and see club members' trees on display at the 30th annual bonsai show
City: Santa Cruz view all details >>
  Ask Nicole: 30 Ways to Praise

Here are 30 ideas for giving general or descriptive praise, one idea for each day of the month:

1.      Great job!

2.      That's awesome.

3.      What a good idea.

4.      You did it!

5.      I can tell you're trying hard.

6.      Thanks for your help.

7.      I appreciate it when you listen.

8.      Thank you for following directions.

9.      I appreciate your cooperation.

10.  You're being really kind to your friends.

11.  Thank you for turning off the TV right away.

12.  I can see how much effort you're putting into that.

13.  You handled that problem really well.

14.  Thanks for putting your things away.

15.  I like how you're sharing with each other.



16.  You figured it out by yourself. Nice work.

17.  That picture/story is so creative.

18.  Good job getting ready on time this morning.

19.  Thank you for being patient at the store.

20.  I'm glad you told me how you're feeling.

21.  I'm impressed that you keep trying without giving up.

22.  That's a good suggestion for a family rule.

23.  Thank you for remembering to do your chores.

24.  I like how you're using your indoor voice.

25.  You've gone to bed on time 3 days this week. Keep it up!

26.  Thanks for setting the table for the family.

27.  Good job putting everything in your backpack by yourself.

28.  That was a mature decision to do your homework before playing video games.

29.  I appreciate your positive attitude.

30.  I love you just the way you are.

Final Thoughts: Remember three key things when giving praise: 1) Give praise and encouragement every day. 2) Use praise to encourage small efforts that add up to bigger, lasting changes. 3) Praise children's efforts as well as achievements. Try these ideas, then keep adding to this list! As always, if you have a question or idea for a future column, please email me at

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